Should I Use a VPN on My Phone or Tablet


By the term VPN, we mean virtual private network. This is basically a service that is responsible for providing an internet connection that is secured and private. In this system, the internet connection provided to the users take from the private servers and the connection is established in remote locations. All the data used for the mobile, computer or for the VPN server is safely encrypted. Following are a few of the points that can help you understand why a person should a VPN on their phone or tablet.

The sites like YouTube, Netflix or BBC have certain content that could not be accessed by every user. Here, the VPN users get all the benefit. They can actually access these types of videos or contents from their server and can enjoy it. However, there are certain sites that can block your VPN protocols.

With a mobile VPN, you can use multiple internet connections at one time. Along with that, the bandwidth that you get allows you to enjoy your videos with no buffering and there won’t be any disconnections in your business calls. You can also enjoy live streaming on Facebook or YouTube easily without any interruption. There is one downside to this service, however. There are not many VPN services that can do this. One such service is called Speedy. The traditional VPN services that you use can protect your server, but there is no guarantee with the speed.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a VPN service for your mobile and network are explained beautifully here. After reading this, you must have understood that all that glitters is not gold. VPN is no magic, so choose a plan or service according to your requirement.

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