Why You Should Use a Password Manager?

password manager

Is your password going to be dead? Yes it is best known that passwords are hard and cumbersome to remember. In addition to this, password can be easily hackable and guessed. You might don’t like password but with the fast pace technology, keeping password on device is necessary. In order to assist you and make you feel better I have presented a guide on password manager.

What Exactly is Password Manager?

Password manager is similar to a book that contains list of password which gets locked well using a master key. It would be a rational and reasonable fear if you think what if anyone knows my master password. You have to pick a unique and strong password that can be remembered easily; it would thus protect and prevent your passwords.

It not only stores you password but it also helps you to save and generate unique, strong password during singing up to sites. Most of the password managers have a browser extension that contains the password. They are encrypted manager synced across the device.

Why You Need Password Manager?

It overcomes all the hassle out of remembering and creating strong passwords. However, there are top three reasons that one must take care of. Passwords can be stolen or hacked any time. Services are at high risk of breach through phishing attacks. Companies can scramble password entered by you that is known as hashing.

One of the known facts is that if you have complex password comprising of lowercase and uppercase character, symbols, and number as well as punctuation, then hacker unscramble the password. Another problem is sheer passwords that one must have to remember. Passwords set for media accounts, banks and email is easy to remember if you have set one password. The hackers can breach any of the sites, and try logging in your account.

Through usage password manager one can easily store and generate password thus preventing essential credentials from stuffing attacks.

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