Will Apple Card Be the Best Credit Card for Apple Purchases?

Apple Card

The biggest and leading company “apple” has just announced an attractive piece of paper- credit card for Apple purchases. There are lots of information on apple card regarding how it works, how it compares well from other credit card and how to obtain it easily. However, the user asks a question like will apple card be the best? The answer is in this article.

About Apple Card:

Apple had emphasized more on privacy and ease of use as key feature regarding the card. The users who own an iPhone can apply directly for this virtual card. The company will leverage user data related to the system that would help in labeling and categorizing transactions.

Apple Card Rewarding Structure-

Apple rewards in cashback form that can be earned easily through these rates-

  • 3% on purchases that are made directly from the apple store and from Apple service
  • 2% through apple pay
  • 1% on outside card purchases

What Makes It Different Than Other Cards?

You can have daily cash with rewards. It provides the utmost level of security without causing any hassle. Thus transactions can be made even through mobile. It charges no fees or any foreign transaction fee.

Bottom Line-

Apple has presented a newly branded credit card that offers various cashback on purchases. It is essential to get more about it. You can have it from the official site. The qualification needed to have a credit card by apple is you require iPhone. If you have a lower credit score, the interest rate would be higher. There is no annual fee. With the assistance of credit card apple, you can manage your payments well. You can make purchases through it and get rewards as well.

You must obtain the apple credit card and try it on purchases.

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