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Hotels.com Review – Unleash Your Hotel Experience Here!

Vacations are incomplete and inconvenient without good accommodation. Be it the business trip, holidays on weekend, vacation with family or friends, a good hotel accommodation is what everyone need. Hotel industry understands it as no traveler would stay only for the amazing towels or location in their hotel. Variety of reasons made them choose their hotel such as star rating, customer service, amenities and more. They need a memorable and unique experience of their stay. They look for modern conveniences combined with home like comfort which makes their life and trip easier.

Expectations of travelers change with trends and all the major and minor hotels are focusing on increasing their efficiencies and potential to impress their guests. It is quite difficult to find every all comfort at one place. But, at Hotels.com all the expectations of guests are taken care off.

More About Hotels.com

hotels.com review
Hotels.com is known worldwide for its excellent hotel accommodations and booking services. It has a wide network of telephone call centers and localized website to serve travelers across the globe. Its widest selection of accommodation makes it easy to plan a trip anywhere in the world. It has hundreds of properties worldwide including independent hotels. The affordable hotel pricing, world class amenities and self catering services make it a one-stop solution for travelers.

Right from the booking to the check out experience, everything at Hotels.com is quite good.

Booking experience

Booking through call on phone is quite unpopular nowadays. In this online world where apps and mobile make things simpler, booking via call is really boring. Every guest wants to instantly search a hotel for their stay. Hotels.com provides an easy booking solution for guests. Book a hotel via signing up with the website or via hotels.com app and make instant booking. And Hotels.com coupon codes can give you BIG savings.

Choose the property, address, destination or landmark on the website. Fill the check in and checkouts dates and search a room for one or two. The results are displayed instantly. It shows all the current available rooms in their listed properties. Book a room at your favorite destination as hotels.com has property all over the globe. They have properties over 200 territories so book anywhere you are planning your holidays. It offers easy and quick booking services to your favorite destinations.

Check-in experience

The Hotels.com is operating over 200 countries giving regular and outstanding check-in experience to the travelers. The helpful reception staff makes the check-in easy. All the details are sent via email so that guests find no difficulty after reaching to hotel. The rooms are kept ready before check-in. Moreover; a well appointed staff makes the clarification about the room cleanliness and offers a code lock to the guests during their stay.

Unlike other hotels where guests have to check in themselves using an unfamiliar a system, hotels.com take complete care of guests convenience.

Entertainment experience

Travelers experience good entertainment with new casting technology at every hotel here. No need to carry a laptop or tablet for your entertainment. Hotel tvs have very much to offer the guests which ensure complete entertainment of guests as long as they stay there. This gives a more personalize experience to guests making they feel as if they are in home. Guests can continue with their entertainment at hotel rooms without any interference.

Comfort experience

The good air quality, no humidity, correct temperature and no noise gives best comfort to the guests. The hotel managers make sure that none of their guests feel uncomfortable and can enjoy their vacation. The rooms here are made comfortable by maintaining the humidity level below 70% so that guests don’t feel suffocation. Whilst offering comforts energy saving is also ensured. The door information is used to check the presence of guests in room so as to make a balance between energy, cost savings and comfort.

Check out experience

Check out is also convenient via the hotel app. All the information related to the stay, bills and return are provided on app or customer’s account. It ensures fast response unlike traditional methods of check-outs which are time consuming.

The overall experience with accommodation of hotels.com is unique. The consistency and standardization is maintained by all the listed properties of hotels.com. They have all the desired amenities such WiFi, comfortable bedrooms, tvs, helpful staff and more. Not only from the inside but the outside location also makes the traveling memorable.

Expectation and establishments at the hotels by hotels.com are as per the modern accommodation.

Not only about hotels

It is more than finding a hotel with hotels.com. They have apartments, country retreats, city homes, resorts and holiday homes for guests. No matter where you are travelling, they have rooms of every size for every guest. The holiday homes are best to enjoy luxurious vacations. Comfortable rooms and world class services can be enjoyed at every apartment, city homes and resorts offered by them.

Moreover they have popular deals for their guests where they can enjoy extra off on their expenses. The coupons and stunning prices are offered to make a great trip with hotels.com. On their website, information about great deals is shared which make it easy to check out one which suits you. Moreover, booking this deal is also easier with an online option.

The resort’s location is so perfect that one can easily enjoy the sea, sand and sun. Deals are the icing over cakes for guests leaving them completely relaxed on their trip. Everything is in budget and no deals and hotel pricing put pressure on your budget.

Services at Hotels.com

hotels service
Various services such as listing your own property, booking, hotel cancellation, exciting packages and more are offered here. Booking a hotel room is quite easy and it can be done either from phone or online from the website.

Booking cancellation- cancelling a booking is quite a lengthy procedure in other cases but here it is very simple. Simply login to your account at hotels.com, Visit the page- manage your bookings. Select the booking option that you want to cancel and select cancel room. It is easy and fast, you will get response in few minutes. However, those who have booked without an account can also easily cancel their room. Search for the find your bookings form and select the room you wish to cancel.

Their fast and convenient cancelling services save your money and time. Moreover, if the option of cancel room is not visible then contact hotels.com. You will not be charged for cancellations which are actually good to know for customers. Other hotels charge some prices for cancellation of booking which doesn’t save you money. The refund is also processed within 24 hours thus offering fast services to the guests.

Cancellation process is quite easy for the vacation rental. A property manager handles the booking process. The contact number is shared at the time of booking, simply call them and ask for cancellation.

Change your hotel – sometimes at the peak time one needs to change the room and this process is also time consuming at some hotels. However, with hotels.com one can easily change their rooms or hotels. The best part is that it can be done online. No additional charge is taken for changing:

  • Guest name
  • Accessibility options
  • Special requests
  • Bed types

However, for changing the apartment, types of room, travel dates, number of guests and other equivalent you will be charged for change. The process of changing hotel is quite similar to the booking cancellation. Every facility is offered at your account. Choose the change booking option from your account and get the instant response. No charges are made to change with booking at hotels.com but there will be some fees for vacation rental bookings.

Rewards nights- hotels.com rewards their customers with special offers which is one of the best thing they do for their guests. They could reward you for any reasons such as for not completion of your stay or for stay less than 72 hours.
However, these rewards are applicable at eligible hotels. Moreover, if your account is inactive or you don’t redeem a free night then the rewards will be expired after 12 months. Collect your free nights by completing a stay.

If you miss you free nights at any eligible hotels then simple email or contact them. Send you name, email address and confirmation number at hotels.com. Also, guests can check their rewards balance info on their account.

Redeem rewards night- on collection of 10 nights, 1 free night is given at an eligible vacation rental or hotel. Its value is equal to your 10 collected nights. To redeem free night, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to your account at hotels.com or open the app
  • Find an eligible hotel using the reward filter
  • Book the hotel of your choice by selecting the hotels that offer redeem free nights
  • Choose pay now or pay later option
  • Get the reservation summary
  • Select the night you wish to redeem and apply it

You will get the total cost of booking by deducting the discounted value for redeem free nights. Good part is that taxes and additional fees are not included. Moreover, you can get free night in the hotel of greater value and simply you need to pay the difference. However, only one free night can be redeemed. Surprisingly, you get your free night back on cancellation of your booking even at vacation rental hotels but cancel before the deadline.

Collect rewards nights- hotels.com offers easy collection of night. For every night stay you get 1 night. The collected nights will be added to your account before you check out within 72 hours. On collecting 10 nights you get 1 free night. If you book a hotel via phone then mention your email address to get the collected nights added into your account.

Good part is that if you have an account with hotels.com then you can collect nights and other guests who are not registered will not get this option. However, you will not get reward nights for special promotion, or redeem nights. They don’t offer free nights for the cancellation or bookings made without an account. You will not get them even for ineligible property or with affiliate hotels.com site. For the package vacation also reward nights are not offered. Neither are they offered for bookings through discount coupon nor via code.

Refunds- getting refunds is not an issue with hotels.com. No charges are applied for few changes as well. However, charges may apply for number of guests, travel dates and types of room while others are free. Depending on the booking you will get refund. If you pay via credit card then refund will be made within 24 hours. It may take 7 days to reflect the same on your account. If you pay via gift card then refund will be made via a gift card. No refund is made on booking cancellation.

Bonus- it also offers reward nights for booking made without signing to hotels.com. You can attach a booking by following points:

  • Sign in to the account and fill the find bookings form
  • Choose view your reservation
  • Go to reward box and choose sign in and attach book, if this option is not visible then it is already attached

You can see more on manage your bookings option. In case you find difficulty contact hotels.com. However, attachment is made within 72 hours after you follow these steps. In case you don’t get it, contact via email.

Experience at Hotels.com is simply amazing with these rewards and deals. The overall experience is good and it is worth to choose hotels offered by hotels.com. They are affordable and have complete facilities that one need for their memorable and comfortable vacation. The smiling and helpful staff enhances this experience. The easy and quick response in case of any trouble makes the trip comfortable. Whether you are in US, Singapore, Ireland, china or in Germany you can get all these benefits as they have property at such beautiful locations as well.

So, get ready with your backpacks to enjoy your next vacations and make the planning easy at Hotels.com. Now, you can save $$$$ on your everyday hotels bookings. Hotels.com coupons, promo codes and discount codes can save you thousands of dollars each time you book hotels online.

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