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Vapor4Life Electronic Cigarette Review

vapor4Life review
Before we go into deep details about what Vapor4life is, let us talk a little about the e-cig. The electronic cigarette is nothing, but an incarnation of the real cigarette that we smoke. This cigarette needs charging. You do not need to heat the whole device; rather, you just have to light up a special type of liquid that is inside it. These electronic cigarettes give us the exact feeling of that of an original cigarette. Vapor4life is a brand dedicated to this product. Let us have a look at the features of this brand. If you’re looking for a good Vapor4Life promo code or coupon, refer to the coupon lists mentioned above.

Vapor4life Overview

Vapor4life is an e-cig company. It has been quite a long time that this brand is there in the market and till now it has made a special place in the heart and mind of the people who love smoking. Behind the invention of the whole range of Vapor4Life, there is a very interesting story. The founder of this company was a heavy smoker at one time in his life. He tried all the natural ways to quit smoking but failed. Finally, e-cig was the thing that came to his rescue.

The series Vapor4life is also designed in such a way that it could be used by a heavy smoker and even by a nonsmoker. It comes with a customized nicotine level. This customization helps you in setting a particular level of nicotine for yourself. So, if someone wants no nicotine, then they could go with no tobacco, just flavors. The newest launch of Vapor4life is Titan e-cig. This is somewhat similar to the old Vapor king in a lot of aspects. The brand has a lot of customers and there are a lot of reasons for this popularity.

The new launch is in front of us with a lot of improvements. It has 90 flavor options. The packet in which the main product comes is called kit. This kit of Vapor Titan comes with a charger and two batteries. It also comes with a carry case that allows you to carry the e-cig with yourself safely. This kit has a charger also. The older kit used to have a USB charger also, but the new one does not have it. To know more about the products of Vapor4life, let us read the section below.

The design

The Vapor Titan starter kit is designed in such a way that it gives a very luxurious and expensive vibe. If we talk about the look of the packet in which it comes, then it is first covered with a metallic wrapper that has Titan’s logo on it. Along with that, the whole cover is in blue and white undertones. The box opens up in a very stylish way, as it has metallic closing. Once you have opened the box and you feed your hands inside it, you will feel the comfortable case inside. Inside the box, you will get the charger and the main product.
If talking directly about the e-cig, then it is very neatly designed. The batteries of the e-cig have a rubber coating. The whole designing is very different from the old classic version. This looks very expensive, while the older ones looked very simple and minimalistic. If we talk about, the appearance of the main machine, then looks like an original cigarette. The look is good, but according to the expert, this design is not needed for an e-cigarette.


If we talk about the performance of the two e-cigs, the old classic and new Titan e-cig, then there are lots of differences in both of them. One good similarity in both of them is that both have customized nicotine level, where one could fill the nicotine according to their choice. The main performance of an e-cig should be judged with the amount of vapor formed by the cigarette. The older version was good at it, but the new one is quite bad. The biggest drawback of the Titan e-cig is that is not able to produce a good amount of vapor.

If we talk about battery life, then the battery is quite good in the new version. If you charge the battery of your e-cig, then you can run it all day long. However, the charger that comes with the new Titan one, is very bulky and not comfortable at all.

Nicotine levels

If we compare all the features that this particular e-cigarette has to offer to its customer, then the best thing is this customized nicotine level. Yes, you read that right. Only a cigarette lover will understand the importance of having customized nicotine levels. Most of the manufacturers offer their customers just 4 levels of nicotine. However, when it comes to the original version, you get 7 levels of nicotine. So, just 4 levels of it sound very insufficient.

However, if we talk about the amount of nicotine that could be filled in this e-cigarette, then it starts from 4mg and goes up to 36 mg. You could get 8 mg, 11mg, 18 mg and 24 mg of nicotine. The amount of nicotine that could be felt in the e-cig represents that this is ideal for those who are heavy smokers, as well as for those who do not like heavy smoking. One could easily customize according to their use.


If we talk about the flavors of this e-cig, then there are a lot of options, like the older classic version. However, you do not get all these flavors with the starter kit. In the starter kit, the options are limited and you will have to switch to a manual kit for that. All the flavors have the slight taste of the cinnamon in them. Talking about the tobacco options, then they too are plenty in number. One downfall of the Titan e-cig is that all the tobaccos, in some way or other taste the same.
Those who love menthol, they could have the peppermint and menthol flavor from the options. However, neither of the flavors is overpowering. The peppermint is little sweet and lighter in taste and if you compare, then both of them are actually nice options to vape. We are sure that almost all smokers love coffee. So, for those who love coffee, there are plenty of options again. Two of the most popular ones are Mocha and Cappuccino.

The reason for their popularity is that both these flavors are well executed. If a person is not satisfied with any of the above options, they are free to use the grape one, which is actually everyone’s favorite. So, if you look at each of the flavor options separately, then you feel that all of them are really great. Now, it totally depends on the particular person that what choice he or she makes. The good thing is that users can use Vapor4Life promo code or Vapor4Life coupon code to get a great price.

Battery life

If you look at all the features of this particular e-cig, then the best improvement that it has got from the previous option is battery life. You charge the battery for once and it will run till the end of the day, which is actually very impressive. When the battery starts to wear out, there will be a change in the way of vapor production and actually is an indication that the battery is draining. This is also known as the battery extender. However, people who have bought the new Titan e-cig have complained about the battery life.

The older kit was good for batteries at some points. The charger that comes with the new Titan e-cig is not good at all. Also, the dip that starts when there is battery drainage is not that noticeable. One good thing that you get with the older kit is the USB charger. It is when used for the Titan, helps with the problem of

Price and warranty

The warranty on the product is really long, but the company does not offer a warranty of more than 90 days. If you look at the whole packaging of the product, then it has RoHS logo and CE mark, which clearly says that the standard has been maintained while manufacturing. However, the issue in the battery does not show real standards. The worst part is that the company does not change the cartridges even when you complain during the warranty period. The good thing is that you could return the product, if not satisfied, within 30 days. If you have returned it under 30 days, you will get your money, unless you won’t get the money even if you have any problem with the product.

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Here are the advantages of this particular e-cig:

The first and foremost advantage of this e-cig is that is suitable for all types of smokers. Be it a heavy smoker or a person who want to smoke light, both of them could go with this. Now, one must wonder how this magic is even possible. So, if you have read the above points, then you must be aware of it. This e-cig comes with customized nicotine levels. Having said that, it is important here to mention that, if a person does not want any tobacco at all, then also this is perfect for them. However, people with a tobacco preference could get tobacco from 4 mg to 36 mg.

Another good thing about this e-cig is that it comes with a wide range of flavors. The list of the flavors starts from menthol and peppermint. Those who love this flavor could go with it without any doubt, as these flavors are not overpowering. The most promising flavor is the cinnamon one. Along with these flavors, one could get the flavor of grapes in this particular e-cig.

Vapor4life has always been known for their batteries. We are not just talking about the good battery life, but about the battery design too. The new Titan e-cig has got rubbers at the end of the batteries which actually looks good.

The vapor production in the old and classic Vapor4life e-cigarettes is par excellence. We could not compare that from any other piece of this category.


Following are the disadvantages of having this Vapor4Life product:

The very disadvantage is so big that one could not ignore it at all. It is actually something that an e-cig is known for and that is nothing but the vapor. The classic Vapor4life product was good and we all enjoyed it, but the new Titan one is very disappointing when it comes to the production of the vapor. The earlier model, vapor king used to rock this part and used to create a lot of vapor. This is the most disappointing part, as to what is the use of an e-cig, if it could not create a good vapor.

If you go to an authentic site and look for the reviews of this product, then you will come to know that each and every customer who has bought this has some issues with the battery of it. The battery issues are mainly with the new Titan one and uncountable users have reported this issue. The problem is in the performance as well as in the charging system of the battery. The adapter or the charger that comes with this e-cig is very bulky. The length of the charger is just 6-8 inches. This creates a lot of problems in charging the battery.

Apart from the battery and vapor formation, one should also look at the charging options in details. The former version of this e-cig used to come with a USB cable, but the new Titan one does not have any USB cable. This is again a disappointment.


The final verdict of the product is very clear. This is a popular brand, but from quite a long time, it has been disappointing its customers. The Vapor Titan is a clear example of it. So, if someone just wants to the flavors, they could go for it, but to experience the real vaping, you will have to go for the older versions.

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