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Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus)
Based on the Udemy best-selling course, this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course gives you easy access to the JIRA and Confluence techniques used by professionals in configuring agile boards, configuring permissions, managing daily task-lists, managing multiple teams, catering and fitting your own specific needs. No matter who you are and what your current skill level, learning this course can help you master JIRA and Confluence like an expert. You will know how to utilize the JIRA advantages to work better and be more productive than ever could.

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Introduction to The JIRA Course

The Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course is designed to help master the best agile project management tool in today’s fast-paced development environment. Whatever your age or stage, whatever your current skill level, this course will teach you all features and concepts of JIRA & Confluence and how to take advantage of them for working better in the various scenarios. You will learn what JIRA is, the benefits of JIRA, how to utilize JIRA, how to use JIRA in an agile team, how to use JIRA to create, work on, and search for problems, how to use JIRA to customize dashboards, how to use JIRA to work better and boost your career in today’s such fast-growing and high-demand world etc. So, at the end of this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course, you can master JIRA with real-world examples and be what you want to be.

Once enrolled, you will get 11.5 hours of on-demand video, 7 downloadable resources, and 82 lectures. This require learners a determination to make the most out of the course. To learn this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course does not require any prior experience with JIRA or Confluence, anyone who are interested in learning about how they work can learn this course. In addition, this course is taught by the top-rated instructor named Kosh Sarkar, who is a product manager and have over 29,804 students on Udemy. Thus, if you are looking to learn both JIRA and confluence with the industry’s expert, here is a good place to get started. The instructor will be always ready to answer all questions you may encounter along the way.

Reasons for why take this JIRA course:

  • This is a very comprehensive and complete course regarding the popular topic of JIRA
  • This course will help you learn the most crucial characteristics of Scrum and Kanban
  • This course covers main aspects that people want to know about JIRA
  • This course comes designed with the real world examples, every student can learn and master JIRA in practice
  • This course is well structured for anyone who are interested in learning JIRA, including Agile concepts, how to work within an agile team, how to lead an agile team, how to utilize JIRA to cater your own needs, and how to track and forecast your personal tasks using JIRA.
  • The course mentor will be always there to help figure out all your questions

What each lecture will teach:

  • 5 lectures give you a simple introduction to the course, you will know what JIRA is, why JIRA, and how to learn it.
  • 4 lectures introduce agile concepts and JIRA terms
  • 13 lectures teach you how to work within an Agile team
  • 13 lectures teach you how to configure agile boards, how to create projects, and how to lead an agile team
  • 22 lectures teach all things about JIRA administration. You will learn how to create a new use, how to create groups, how to access controls, how to understand project roles, how to understand roles and permissions, how to configure issue types, how to configure workflow, how to understand workflow transitions, how to work with project components and more
  • 9 lectures are all about the examples and bonus content
  • 16 lectures introduce the knowledge of Confluence

More About JIRA And Confluence

What is JIRA? In this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course you will genuinely understand what JIRA really is. JIRA is a software product developed by Atlassian that is an Australian company. It is a perfect tool designed to track bugs and issues. It also deals with managing agile projects. This tool got its name from the word “Gojira” that holds the meaning in Japanese as “Godzilla.”

JIRA is a very comprehensive tool with a lot of customizable capabilities. JIRA is programmed in JAVA language as well as utilises the control holder of Pico inversion, entity engine of Apache Ofbiz, with webwork1 stack technology.

When you start hearing about JIRA, simultaneously, you will listen to about issues, projects, components, and workflows. These terms are the basis of concept in JIRA which we are going to discuss. Looking to master JIRA? We recommend you learn the Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course on Udemy.

Why it is widely used?

Numerous pioneers in organizational business use this tool because of the following reasons.

  • This tool is used in software and mobile application to trace bugs and issues.
  • JIRA software is used to plan and track flaws in agile software and business teams.
  • It is a compatible tool for managing numerous projects with their teams.
  • This platform allows the user to customize it accordingly.
  • You can design an issue operation scheme according to the requirement of your team.
  • There are innumerable add-ons to magnify the functionality further.
  • To make your life easy, there are several features associated with it.

Products of JIRA

There are four major products build on the platform of JIRA and offered in these packages. They are mentioned below-

  • JIRA core

It is an application of JIRA which gives the workflow process. It allows you to trace issues utilizing customisable workflow. It determines how an issue flows from the initial point to the final point. It is simply used for business-related projects and task management.

  • JIRA software

This software is an extra agile functionality that enables you to trace software projects using agile methodology.

  • JIRA ops

This tool is developed for managing incidents. It is used to centralize alerts whilst notifying the right person at the right time.

  • JIRA service desk

As the term identifies, this is a service desk for support projects. With the use of this application, you can provide a better experience to your customers. It is going to be a perfect support system for your customers.

Features of JIRA

From the several features of JIRA. We are going to mention a few of them.

  • It allows tracking of issues
  • It has an agile task and project management to plan and guide the process of projects
  • The workflow is flexible as well as it can be customized
  • The continuous integration of JIRA makes it extraordinary in terms of providing services to the businesses

JIRA is a platform that can enhance the productivity of the organization. With its numerous features and services providers, it can help in proficient works for businesses. This can provide better visibility in projects so that they can work well. It allows you to make a priority list of the working of the project. All these factors are making a pioneer in providing project management services with the bug and issue tracking. To learn more about JIRA, the Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course will be a good bootcamp.


In this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course, you’ll also learn how to master Confluence. What is Confluence? A confluence is a collaboration tool built for storing, sharing and working on stuff. When you are working at any place you have numerous pieces of stuff scattered here and there on your table. For instance, documents, meeting notes, designs, conversations and many more kinds of stuff on it, that are hard to find and manage altogether. Confluence here is the solution provider. It can organize everything for you.
You just need to create a space for your team to align all that stuffs into one centralized place. There is one more solution to this problem, you can create multiple spaces for every team in your organization.

What does Confluence do?

The confluence can provide structure to everything so that it becomes easy to find everything. It can provide the ease of work due to its structural format. The content is created as well as can be organized with the use of blogs, pages, and spaces in confluence. The various collaborative tools of confluence permit the user to create, scan, edit as well as comment on the interface of confluence. The ultimate text editor of confluence is used to showcase the various type of content with the tool named as an array to accept the file type of attachment. To reduce the duplicity, Confluence is designed to protect the original content from getting copied. It can show recent information only. There are factors like restrictions along with permission to provide access to the right information by the right person. Confluence has the control of visibility using page-level or space level.

Features of confluence

  • Confluence has a special feature known as mentioning which lets the team members discuss any content piece. You can easily mention anybody using @mention. It is especially useful for remote teams.
  • The attachments editing is a lithe task to perform. Confluence has an editing option that lets you perform editing and make changes in the documents.
  • The search functionality of Confluence makes every search easier with refined filters for search.
  • The management of the team calendar enables you to add things to your group schedule legitimately from your schedule, it is a component we discover most convenient.
  • The mobile application of confluence increased its reach to people. Now it gets more comfortable when confluence is there on the phone to organise everything. It acts as a connector between you and your team.

How to use Confluence?

Create a page at any time and choose from several templates to get started with. Confluence provides tonnes of templates for the ease of work. You should use comments and at-mentions pages to work with many people. To be a master in working with Confluence, the Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) can help serve as your guide.

Confluence is a flexible platform to organise everything so well. The structural basis of the site and recent activity of the team members will let you arranged and well-informed. This can help you to maximize potential with some practical steps. Henceforth leads to a new path of success. It is widely used to plan projects, bases of knowledge, social internets, documentation and many more. We will suggest you to try confluence once to get organized.

Benefits of JIRA & Confluence

After completing this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course, you’re able to understand the benefits of JIRA and Confluence and how to take advantage of them. Before getting directly on the benefits we will let you about the basics of JIRA and confluence, so let us start.


The term “JIRA” has been derived from the Japanese word “Gojira” means “Godzilla”. JIRA is designed for tracking bugs and issues related to your software. It is generally used as the issue tracking tool for different types of testing.

Benefits of JIRA

  • It has good visibility

One of the major problems you face today is slowing down of any project, not only in software development field, but also in other fields there is lack of open or clear visibility to know what tasks should be done and when it is to be done. JIRA helps to come up with this problem as it connects all teams of software development so that all the members can update each other and complete the task in real-time.

  • Increment of the productivity

All the members of the team can see the next task which they have to perform after the completion of the first. So, there is very little chance of downtime or slowing down of the project, this leads to an increase in productivity.

  • Workflow

JIRA has a specialized and robust workflow. You can design the workflow graphically.

  • Usability

You don’t need to attend any training for using JIRA. It is a bit complex, but still, its usability is very good as compared to other tools. However, to deep master JIRA like an expert, we recommend you learn the Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course.

  • Setting up Priorities is better

JIRA allows you to prioritize the tasks, all the members of the team checks which tasks need to be done now and which can be dealt with later on.

  • The ability to change or rewrite the tasks is valuable. You can also add as many of columns you want.
  • It creates a custom report to match your business needs.
  • It saves lots of time by doing a bulk issue editing.

Free to use

  • All the premium features of JIRA are free and this tool is free to use.
  • It is easy and quick to set the cloud-hosted version in JIRA.


Confluence is one of the collaboration tools, which helps the team to collaborate and share their knowledge efficiently. With the help of confluence, you cam capture projects, can assign e different tasks to specific users and manage calendars at once with the help of team calendars add-on.

Benefits of confluence

Confluence has improved the client information in any organization.

  • Tracking and scheduling

It informs the team members about what’s happening in JIRA by connecting a calendar of various events, tasks, and people. It helps in the product release.

  • Project scope and requirements

By creating JIRA issues within confluence the business folk working on sales programing, product requirements, and strategic planning can turn this idea into actionable items. There are a high project scope and requirement. It contains all the information on project requirements, project schedules, and budgets.

  • It internally shares the announcements and project details.
  • For internal document management, it has proprietary knowledge.
  • For project documentation and client assets, it shares a large network of folders.

These were a few benefits of using JIRA & Confluence. The combination of both can drive you towards your success. We would suggest all the readers who are in business and want to excel in it, use JIRA & Confluence for the best result from your team. SO, dive into the Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) today, learn everything you need to be master JIRA and Confluence.

In A Word

The Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course draws on real-world examples to help learners know, understand, and master JIRA. Whether you aims at learning how JIRA makes work better and productive, acquiring the basics of Confluence, or mastering JIRA administration, this course won’t let you feel disappointed. As of 10/2019… there have been over 28,735 students enrolled and the course has an average 4.5 rating. Is it your real time to try and learn this Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) course? You will get a very affordable price using Udemy coupon today.

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