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modern react with redux
The Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] is a popular and top-selling online web development course. As a student of this course, we’ll learn all things about mastering React v16.6.3, Redux, React router, rest-based React apps, React portals, webpack, hooks, create-react-app and more. You’ll also hone your web development skills by React.js and Redux technologies. Time to learn all about React and Redux? Don’t miss out on taking the bestseller at Udemy.

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About The Modern React with Redux Course

The Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course is taught by the Udemy well renowned mentor named Stephen Grider, who is a sought-after engineering architect and has over 399.084 students at Udemy platform. This course is always keeping the up-to-date version of React v16.6.3 and Redux v4.0.1. All curriculum are brand new, covers the most detailed HD video on the new React hooks system. Furthermore, the mentor is committed to teaching all he knows to improve your React and Redux levels.

What Makes This React and Redux Course Unique?

Internationally well praised: One of the best-selling React course and 4.6 top-rated on Udemy. As of 7/2019, there have been over 152,354 students enrolled. Furthermore, most of them are very satisfied with what they learnt.

Completely online: This Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course is offered by Udemy platform. Udemy is the world’s biggest online e-learning marketplace, so everyone across the world can learn this course without any restrict. We can learn the React course at our own scheduled time, at anywhere.

Last updated: This Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course is updated with the brand new content, covers all things you need to know about the latest version of React v16.6.3 and Redux v4.0.1. In addition, there are a lot of up-to-date resources online for helping learners get a better understanding of React and Redux.

Effective strategies: This course is taught by a professional engineering architect, who will teach all about React and Redux using a time-tested and battle proven method. This will guarantee that every student has the interest to learn the course and make the most out of it.

Exclusive secrets: What make this Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course unique is design patterns. That means the instructor will teach students everything about design patterns frequently used by the world’s top companies. Learn the best design patterns to build your own awesome web apps with ease.

Requirements and who is this course for:

This Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course does not require any prior knowledge of React and Redux. This means anyone who are interested in going deep into React and Redux technologies can join the course, no matter who you are, programmers, developers, engineers, or students. In addition, the course covers 47.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 downloadable resource, 18 articles, 6 coding exercises, and 486 lectures in total. This requires learners have a strong willing to complete the course at a scheduled plan.

Modern React and Redux Review

What is Redux? How does it work? You can go deep into them by learning the Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course. Redux is a library, which aims to manage the state application of your application. This is certainly the most complex part of this course, so above all, do not be discouraged. I will do everything to simplify its operation as much as possible. We will go smoothly and if everything is not clear in your heads, no worries, we will practice, practice, practice, and until it is clear for you. Redux is a JavaScript library created by two developers, using React, they’re facing the same problem as us right now. They wanted to be able to manage a global state in their application

React has become a reference in the world of front-end developers. It even managed to win in the back-end thanks to NodeJS and isomorphism systems. React is positioned primarily as a direct competitor to Angular and Vue although it came later and is strongly inspired by React. Angular is a real framework with all its tools as well as a defined tree. On the side of React, it is difficult to say as much. It is not a framework, it is a tool and therefore it is much more flexible. It will be more suitable to implement isolated bricks of your page. React is a great tool, especially with the overlay JSX, it becomes very nice to develop with. The association with Redux makes it possible to multiply the possibilities

Redux is surprisingly simple. It uses a function called reducer (a name derived from the JavaScript reduction method) that takes two parameters: an action and a next state. The reducer has access to the current state (which will soon be preceded), applies the action given to this state and returns the next desired state. In this Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course, you’ll learn all things Redux.

Why Use Redux?

To understand the need to use Redux, I need to talk about the next feature we will develop. We will manage the favorite movies of the user. The functionality is rather complete, but logical and can be broken down into 8 steps:

  • The user does a movie search in your app and clicks on a movie.
  • The user accesses the detail view of the movie and clicks the button to add the movie to his favorites.
  • The movie is added to the favorite movies of the user, the detail of the film is re-rendered with the button which becomes to indicate that the film is on our favorites.
  • The user returns to the search view, the movie added to favorites is marked with a next to the title of the film to indicate, here too, that the film is in the favorites.
  • The user clicks on the movie added to favorites.
  • The user accesses the detail view of the movie; the button indicates that the movie is part of the favorite movie. The user clicks the button to remove the movie from favorites.
  • The film is removed from the favorite movies of the user; the detail of the film is re-rendered with the button which becomes to indicate that the film is no longer part of our favorites.
  • The user returns to the search view, the film removed from the favorites is no longer marked one beside the title of the film.

It’s not clear? Learn more about it from the Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course at Udemy.

What is React?

React is a library in the front end frameworks category, which only manages the interface of a site. You’ll get a depth learning of React from the Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course.

But before starting hostilities … a frontend framework, what is it? It is a set of software used to create user interfaces, such as web or mobile applications. The goal of the “framework front” provides a ready-made solution for the development of these applications. Among the most used are Angular, Ember, Vue.js or React and many others.

And React in all this? Also called React.js or React JS, this is an open source front-end framework that has been developed by Facebook since 2013 by Jordan Walke. The major purpose of this library is to “facilitate the building of single web applications (SPA), through the creation of state dependent components and generating a page or HTML portion at each change of state.”

That is, it makes it easy to create a user interface, and most importantly, it can create reusable interfaces and components, with data that can change along the way – and that’s great! To master all about React, the best-selling course named Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] is a good boot camp.

What Makes The Difference?

But why, Ideine and thousands of other companies have decided to use it? By putting the composition back into fashion, React has generated many changes in the way web interfaces are designed.
Indeed, thanks to him it becomes almost as obvious as a simple problem of mathematics, look:

I know that: a component is the unit part of the site,
Gold: each component can itself be composed of components (you follow?): We speak well of composition.
So: If all is composition, we can integrate and replace React JS elements in existing web applications.
And that changes everything:

1. It is easier

What make the difference with its competitors (and in particular Angular JS) are obviously its flexibility and its performances notably thanks to the work on a virtual DOM and by not updating the rendering in the browser only in case of need. (Yes, because the fact that the DOM has a changing state is a bit painful …). As browsers are rather slow to react to DOM changes, React has the advantage (and the intelligence) to limit interactions with the DOM. It, therefore, performs the operations on the virtual DOM and compares it to the real DOM to make the changes to be made. The virtual DOM is only a tree of JS objects, which makes it possible to quickly identify the nodes to be updated. We, therefore, reduce the dialogs with the browser APIs to build the DOM, and gains in performance.

2. It’s free.

Unlike other frameworks, React JS is not capricious … that is to say, it does not impose a specific library for the data, it is only the “View” part of the interface and so the choice is up to you regarding the structure of the interface. It only works with JavaScript thanks to its syntax JSX (you would have doubted!). So you just have to choose between Flux or Redux for your data store for example … it is not a beautiful life? If you like to get a depth understanding of React´╝îthen the Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course is your priority.

3. It is perennial.

The specificity of technologies, especially in digital, is that they scroll and reinvent each time. The disadvantage of a frontend framework is that you must always follow its evolution (and therefore its potential new operation). The modification where the addition of a module on your application requires total and perfect mastery of the framework. But why bother with a binding and demanding framework, which contains large parts of functions that you will never use?

You can try ostrich, but the bugs will always catch you. While with React JS, you can use some features of the new versions without having to migrate all your code.

4. You are not alone

Today and because of all the advantages mentioned above, you can see that the community around React JS is much bigger than Angular JS for example. In case of need, help will be much easier to find, but also more compatible libraries and advice in developing. Or learn the best selling Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] at Udemy platform.

What Can Redux Do?

Many people use Redux to manage the state in React applications. This is the most common use case in nature and Redux improves the aspects where React is not doing well (yet).

However, you will soon see that the true power of Redux goes far beyond. Let’s start by learning what state management really means.
State Management

If you’re not sure what this “state” means, let’s replace it with a more generic term: “data.” State data that changes from time to time. The state determines what is displayed in the user interface.

What does state management mean? In general, we need to handle three aspects of the data in an application:

  1. Recover and store data
  2. Assign data to user interface elements
  3. Edit data

Suppose we were building a Dribble Shooting Page. What data do we want to display on the page? They include the author’s profile picture, name, animated GIF, the number of hearts, comments, etc.

In conclusion, we must manage the changes made to the data. For example, if a user adds a new comment to a Dribble photo, or adds a star, we need to update the HTML code accordingly.

The coordination of these three aspects of the state plays a big role in frontal development. React to varying degrees of support for this task. Sometimes the built-in React installation works pretty well. But as the application becomes more complex, its condition can become more difficult to manage with React alone. That is why a lot of people are starting to use Redux as an alternative. To master React and Redux, the Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] course is a superb choice.

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Hope this React and Redux Review will help you.

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