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The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert
This top-selling databases course named The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert will help you build, develop and hone the advanced skills and techniques needed to become an in-demand MySQL developer. This course comes intended for helping people learn how to create complex databases and build reports by real-world projects. If you’re seeking to go very deep into SQL, then here is a right place to get started.

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About The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp

Are you thinking to build up your databases skillsets on a daily basis? Are you looking to become a sought-after SQL master? This is all what the course will tell you. In this The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course, you’ll learn to be capable of building your own database and how to interact with existing databases. In addition, this course will teach you how to take advantage of NodeJS and MySQL technologies to build an awesome web app. After that, the Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course will teach you how to model real-world data and the effective strategies to generate reports through SQL.

Apart the knowledge mentioned above, this The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course also will teach you how to utilize data to answer some business performance and sales questions. So, if you want to know how to learn and master most highly in-demand skills of databases and MySQL, this course will be a superb boot camp. Once joined the course, you’ll get 20.5 hours of on-demand video, 136 articles, 4 downloadable resources, and 323 lectures in total. This means that completing the MySQL course requires learner a strong willing to get the most out of it.

Some details of the MySQL course:

  • Course name: The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert
  • Author: Colt Steele, Ian Schoonover
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Rating: 4.6 (23,307 ratings)
  • Popularity: 115,794 students enrolled
  • Language: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Javanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
  • Video: 20.5 hours of HD video
  • Resources: 136 articles and 4 downloadable resources
  • Content: 323 lectures in total
  • Target: Anyone who want to master MySQL
  • Requirement: No prior knowledge of databases, SQL, MySQL, and programming required

In this MySQL course, you will:

  • Go very deep into SQL syntax
  • Take advantage of sales and user data to generate reports
  • Utilize aggregate functions to analyze data
  • Learn more about MySQL and be able to run complex queries
  • Be able to write SQL joins
  • Become confident in working with MySQL, Node.js
  • Know how to design some complex database schemas
  • Acquire the skills to clone the database structure
  • Know how to generate fake data sets through writing JavaScript structures
  • Get a depth understanding of the difference between SQL and MySQL
  • Master databases and know how to build applications

Checkout The Most Popular Database- MySQL Review

In this The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course, you’ll go deep into MySQL. What is a database, SQL and MySQL? Don’t know any of these; check out everything about them here on MySQL Review. We are here to tell you what a database is and which database is popular in the world. It’s no doubt the MySQL. This open source relational database is widely used. This is absolutely free and included in the most basic packages of the web hosting providers. This has become the most favorite of both professional web designers and amateur. MySQL is the best for those who want to get the good database knowledge.

This safe, flexible, scalable and easy to use database is good for any practical application. Most of the users use it for web based applications including Drupal and WordPress.

So, if you want to know more about MySQL first check it out about database.

Take a brief introduction about database, SQL and MySQL

You deal with database everyday without knowing about it. Yes, you heard it right, the music playlist, photo gallery, the shopping cart; all these are a database that is a collection of your data. In a database the data is categorized and organized as per its structure. For example- in a music playlist songs are categorized by their genre in the database. This is a relational database. If you want to master the in-demand database skills, don’t miss out on learning The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course at Udemy.

The size of data can be less or more depending upon the amount of data stored. However, this needs to be defined well in order to access the data more efficiently. Here comes the role of SQL.

SQL is a structured query language for a database using which we can access the database. It has 3 parts:

  • Data definition language or DDL- it allow the user to define objects like tables, triggers and more for the database
  • Data manipulation language or DML- using it the user can update the content of database and do activities like insert, delete, update and retrieve data
  • Data control language or DCL- allow the user to give other user’s permission to access the database

So, what is MySQL?

An open source DBMS, MySQL works on different platforms. The language is based on SQL and runs on windows, LINUX and UNIX and etc. since it is an open source it can be installed on any server or desktop. This open source software is provided by Oracle and is available for free. But, to get its premium services one must buy a license version of MySQL. To learn more about MySQL, the Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course is highly recommended.

Anyone can master this fast, scalable and reliable language which is otherwise not possible for other software like Microsoft SQL or oracle database server. This is good for developing web based applications or websites.

Features of MySQL

  • Ease of management- downloading the software is pretty easy and with its event scheduler task scheduling is automatically.
  • Robust support- it has distributed multi version support that has properties like consistency, isolation, atomicity and durability. All these offer a robust transactional support.
  • High performance- it offers distinct memory caches and a facility for partitioned table index. It also offer fast loading utilities.
  • Open source- it is available for all platform and comes with a 24×7 support
  • High availability- offers cluster servers and replication configuration at high speed
  • Ownership at low cost- offers less ownership cost due to reduction in hardware expenditures and licensing costs.
  • Secure data protection- its secure protection for data ensures that unauthorized users cannot access the database. This is ensuring by powerful protection mechanisms.
  • Scalability & flexibility- it allow users to store large amount of data in their created data warehouses. It also allows users to run embedded applications that are complex.
  • Comprehensive application development- the plugin libraries allow the users to fit any database into an application. Features like functions, stored procedures, views and triggers are best supported by MySQL for application development.

Core features of MySQL

  • Standard commands can be used to access the data so no need to learn new commands.
  • The replicating ability allows the users to copy their content easily.
  • C and C++ language is used to write MySQL programs.
  • It supports million of data types like signed or unsigned integers, TEXT, TIME, VARBINARY, DATETIME, YEAR, FLOAT, DOUBLE, VARCHAR, CHAR, BINARY and more.
  • It has a password system to provide better security. Clients can connect easily to servers using protocols like TCP/IP sockets. It supports command line programs as well.

How MySQL works?

Till now, you have learned about database, SQL, MySQL and its features. And in The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course, you can get a depth learning about them. Now, let us understand its working. MySQL is a part of XAMPP or LAMP stack. It is a client server model based database management system where MySQL server is the core. The server handles all commands given to the database. It is served as a separate program or library for client server model. MySQL doesn’t operate alone as several utility programs works along with it that support the MySQL administration. The server receives commands from MySQL client.

About MySQL deployment

You can manually install the MySQL from the source code. However, most of the users download it from binary package. It takes minimal effort to download it but one must have to make further configuration like optimization and security settings.

It is usually deployed as a single database server for small and medium scale needs however it has evolved much to serve the high scale needs of the users. However, for this a powerful master database is needed so as to provide better reliability and performance. Backup software is also needed for its enterprise and community editions. Mysqldump is that software.

MySQL can be run as a service as well where no installation and maintenance is required by the owners. The service provider will install and maintain the database on behalf of owners.


The official integrated environment is MySQL workbench which allows users to design a database structure and administer it using visual graphic tools. This is available for both standard and community edition users.

To manage content in MySQL database a popular adminer is used. This is a single PHP file that comes under the license of Apache or GPL v2.

A database workbench is also available for users to get a single GUI for several projects.

Despite these features and easy to learn MySQL database and its wide usability few challenges are also there. To master the MySQL technology, this The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course will be a good try.

Challenges of scaling MySQL

  • Development time- an extensive development time is required for frameworks that don’t use master/slave set ups. Complication may arise due to replication lag. The consistency between master and slave thus get disrupted. Moreover, to modify the MySQL server the app and database team must be in constant coordination.
  • Replication- in case the application has a multi-master set ups then replication will occur. This is due to the manual failover during the set ups.
  • Logging costs- database logging is disabled generally due to the huge cost involved into it. This results into the lacking of real time visibility. This in turn delays the troubleshooting.
  • Query caches- handling workload of high volume by server due to uncontrollable cache invalidation query cache is a challenge.
  • High connection churn- the user sessions is concurrent and consequent in case of LAMP stack. This causes a high connection churn. This makes the connection management use all the valuable server resources. However, to avoid this sharding is used as a scaling option. But it is complex and costly as well. This has its own challenges making it more complicated.

The database load balancing software if utilized well then all the MySQL powerful features can be used without needing any modifications.

The Solution to These Challenges

While scaling MySQL database one will encounter the above challenges. As a solution to those, database loading balancing software can be used. The software allow the user to make no changes in code and view the readable replicas as it automatically split the read/write replicas. Users can see the unparallel analytics using the software. It also provides one click transparent caching. At the app or user tier the augments failover will remain invisible.

This approach improves the response time. At the time of database failovers it prevents the downtime. The website performance gets doubled. It also offers better outcomes for business. This software allows them to upgrade their apps without facing any challenges. The app will run round the year without facing any trouble.

This ubiquitous database technology is no doubt easy to learn and use. This has powerful features as well to cater the need of maintaining and designing a reliable database for their projects. The MySQL is also compatible with range of applications, operating systems and thousands of scripts.

Those who are planning to learn a new technology for making a website or want to get some good knowledge on coding should opt for MySQL. This is a safe bet for both professionals and beginners. In case, you don’t want to get into the complicated learning procedure of pulling and pushing data then simply learn the relational database basics. The basics are same and are applicable to other databases as well. This will improve your knowledge.

Get the free support from the web and get a control or command of MySQL. To definitely master MySQL, what you need to do is all about learning The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert course.

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