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Angular - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)
What’s the best Angular course? What is the best boot camp to gain all the advanced Angular features? Or what’s the best way to be proficient in building your own open-source library? In this post, you can get all that questions figured out clearly and easily, because we have the best-selling and popular Angular course here. The Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course is carefully picked by our teams. If you’re not sure how to learn Angular thoroughly, you just come to the right place. The Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course picked for you here is the best and most complete guide to master everything you need to know about Angular, Angular 2, Angular 6, and the latest version of Angular 8.

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Introduction to The Complete Angular 8 Course

Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course is created by the Udemy well renowned mentor named Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Once joined the course, you’ll get 29 hours of HD video guide, 40 articles, 101 downloadable resources, and 430 lectures in total. Next, let’s see what you’ll get from each lecture.

Course’s requirements and targets

The Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course requires a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS programming languages. The course is right for anyone who are looking to master Angular completely.

What you’ll learn from each lecture:

  • 11 lectures help to get started with the Angular course, including the basics you need to know about Angular, Angular 2, Angular 8, TypeScript and more
  • 30 lectures teach you the basics, includes the knowledge you need to master about components, custom components, component styles, databinding, string interpolation, property binding, and more
  • 17 lectures on the course project, you’ll learn how to work with components effortlessly, how to create a recipe model, ingredient model, and the shopping list
  • 3 lectures on how to debug Angular error messages
  • 19 lectures on the depth learning of components and databinding
  • 6 lectures on the course project
  • 12 lectures on the deep learning of directive
  • 1 lecture on the course project of directives
  • 11 lectures on how to create data services and use dependency injection
  • 8 lectures help starts with the course project for services and dependency injection
  • 31 lectures on how to change pages with routing
  • 15 lectures on the course project of routing
  • 11 lectures on how to better understand observables
  • 1 lecture on the course project of observables
  • 34 lectures on how to handle forms in Angular apps
  • 22 lectures on the course project of forms
  • 10 lectures on how to utilize pipes to transform output
  • 14 lectures on how to build Http requests
  • 5 lectures on the course projects of Http
  • 15 lectures teach you how to master authentication and router protection
  • 25 lectures on how to take advantage of Angular modules and how to optimize Angular apps
  • 4 lectures on how to deploy an Angular app
  • 14 lectures give you a bonus about the HttpClient
  • 49 lectures give you a bonus regarding how to work with NgRx in a project
  • 9 lectures give you a bonus of Angular universal
  • 12 lectures on the knowledge of Angular animations
  • 5 lectures on how to add offline capabilities
  • 11 lectures give you a brief introduction to unit testing
  • 3 lectures on the introduction to Angular changes and new advanced features
  • 2 lectures to round up the course
  • 13 lectures give you a custom project and how to set up workflow
  • 7 lectures on the last bonus, an introduction to TypeScript

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Angular Review

The Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course is a priority if you’re looking to be an Angular development expert. This article is a basic overview of widely used and popular client work framework known as Angular. What is angular? For any of the specified dynamic web apps angular is basically one of the finest structural frameworks. It enables one to make use of the HTML as the template language. It also extends HTML’s syntax so as to express application components succinctly and clearly. The angular is data binding as well as dependency injection that would eliminate code otherwise one has to write it. It will happen inside the browser and make it ideal with server technology.

The Angular is specially built for designing applications. AngularJS is all about HTML and is a great declarative language that can be used for static documents. It results in building web applications and creating an application. The impedance can mismatch any time between static documents and dynamic applications. It can be solved with-

Frameworks- it is a particular implementation of the web, in which code fills essential details. Here framework is in charge. It will call into one’s code when needed for a specific app. Eg- ember, durandal

A library- the library is regarded as the collection of functions that is useful while writing apps. Here the in charge is code and thus it will call in the library when it is fit. E.g.- jquery

The Angular framework structure will minimize impedance mismatch held between document-centric language and need of application by developing new HTML constructs. It will teach browser about new syntax via the construction of directives. To learn more about the Angular framework, don’t miss out on learning the Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course with Udemy top-rated instructor.

It also handles AJAX and DOM glue code and put it in a defined structure. It will make Angularly opinionated. The main aim of the Angular is to simplify the testing and development of the application by offering a framework for model view viewmodel and client-side mode view controller. It simplifies the development of the application by offering a higher abstraction level to the developer.

Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 8

Here we will cover the major difference between Angular, Angular 2 and Angular 8. However, before we move forward let’s get a little introduction about Angular. Misko Heavery created this popular framework. She has created a platform which deals with bugs and issues in HTML. The first version came in 2009. Earlier, it was considered as the effective solutions for creating the single page applications. Since its introduction it became popular and is still in demand. The widespread popularity of Angular has made the developer introduce few more versions.
angular vs angular 8
Basic difference between Angular, Angular 2 and Angular 8

The different versions of Angular have somewhat similar base but different features. To learn all about the latest version of Angular, the Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course is your choice. The popular features of basic Angular include:

  • Data binding
  • Animations and validations
  • Hassle free handling
  • MVW framework
  • HTML support
  • Routing and template engine

Angular 2 came after reviewing the component of Angular 1 or Angular. This allows users to enjoy better performance. The interesting features of Angular 2 include:

  • Fast, highly scalable and modern
  • Supports hierarchical dependency injection
  • Components based architecture
  • Ideal framework for desktop, web or mobile based apps

The Angular JS was based on JavaScript whereas Angular 2 were rewritten. The old version stopped supporting soon but the semantic version of Angular 2 was an updated version. The Angular 2 is based on service based architecture whereas the early version was MVC based architecture. Moreover it was not a friendly version for mobile apps.

Bootstrapy and ng app functions were used in Angular for initialization whereas in Angular 2 the bootsrap module is used.

Angular 8 is far better than the two versions of Angular. It has features that effectively assist the frontend development with features like CLI prompts, Angular CDK, drag and drop and virtual scrolling.

The advanced version of this Angular framework has fixed all the bugs and issues of older versions, thus it is considered better of all of them.

What Changed with Angular 6?

Angular has brought amazing and new features in its new version 6.0.0. One can easily update packages, and create native elements like Angular elements. It is just released and accounts for lots of changes. The tooling is great as it facilitates upgrading and adds new libraries to application. What changed with Angular 6? This is well mentioned in this article. Or you can learn it from the Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course easily.
angular 6
New features and additions:

Below is a short summary of some major new features and additions.

Ng update and ng add- two major commands are introduced in Angular CLI namely add and update. Through ng update, the Angular app can be updated. With new commands, third-party libraries can be easily hooked. The schematics would update both commands and libraries. The command can operate with the project file and it makes use of it to apply code transforms.

The ng commands thus allow one to configure and add new libraries in a project with command. It requires a few steps to set up and install the Angular material. The libraries can create schematics with ng add.

Other CLI changes- the Angular project might use CLI historically and had a configuration file known as .Angular-cli.json. With the new version, the file structure can be changed but not renamed. The ng new will generate workspace along with the default app. To the workspace, additional apps can be easily added, and it is possible to make multiple apps.

Angular elements- Angular elements are initially released with Angular 6, which make easy development of components.

Ng update- a new Angular CLI command introduced is ng update. It can be used to upgrade and update packages. It is helpful and you can upgrade from version 5 to version 6.

These are some latest additions and features of the version 6.0.0. You can know and get more content on site.

Why Should You Learn Angular?

The Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course will tell the reasons that why you should learn about the Angular skill. Similar to JavaScript framework, Angular JS is one of the popular open source frameworks for web application developers. It is the modern framework for the web developers and is used widely for developing single stage applications. It is developed by the Google developers and is kept up-to-date for the users. It has all the latest incorporates of the market. Experienced and beginners both Programmers should learn this popular framework to stay update about the latest development in field of programming.
The features, architectures and advantages of Angular JS will make you learn it.

Features of Angular JS

The key features of this the AngularJS involve:

  • MVC- it is developed on the model- view-controller. This is one famous concept for modern day web applications which is based on data layer, presentation layer and business layer splitting into different sections. This separation of the sections leads to better management of each one easily.
  • Data model binding- Angular binds the code to the HTML controls by adding few codes thus programmers don’t have to write any special codes.
  • Less code- in DOM manipulation lot of codes need to be written which make the code complex. However, the Angular JS make this work easier as less code needs to be written here for DOM manipulation.
  • Unit testing ready- the unit test is already developed by Google which is known as Karma which let the programmers design unit tests.

Angular JS architecture

The three sections of Angular JS are controller model and views. Controller is used at business logic layer, model at data layer and views at presentation layer.

Advantages of Angular JS

  • This open source framework has minimal errors or issues.
  • It keeps the two layers – presentation and data layer in sync.
  • Routing is easy with it as keeps the user on same page while navigating to the different functionalities.
  • It supports both integration and unit testing.

Developers can get these advantages and improve their programming skills with this new framework. If you want to learn all the fundamentals of Angular, then the Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course can help you.

Is It Worthy Learning Angular 8?

Angular JS is becoming a popular framework for web applications development. Till now it has many popular versions such as Angular 1, Angular 2 and more. The latest version of this is Angular 7 which are different from others. This unbeatable version of Angular was released on October 18 in 2018. To all the learners who have been working on previous version should try the latest one. It covers many benefits and has interesting features for web development.

What are Angular 8?

An open source framework with unique features that make the web application designing easy relies on two popular platforms- JavaScript and HTML. A static HTML page can be easily converted into the dynamic page using Angular 8. In the Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course, all the

Prerequisites of Angular 8 learning

This enhanced version of Angular can be learned easily if you have some prior knowledge of other versions. The base of all versions remains same but features differ. Prior knowledge will aid in the learning process. Moreover, learners should have knowledge of typescript, CSS and HTML as well. The good knowledge of Angular 2 is sufficient prerequisites to learn this new version.

What’s new in the latest version?

The new version includes various features which make the designing easy. It includes:

  • CLI prompts- it helps the users to easily decide whether they want to add routing or not or what kind of styles they wish to add to their web application.
  • Application performance- the polyfill is by default removed in this version which improves the application performance.
  • Virtual scrolling- its virtual scrolling speed is accelerated by the developers which makes the scrolling well for huge list.
  • Drag and drop- it comes with in-built drag and drop feature
  • Bundle budget- it limit the bundle budget by popping up a warning message for size more than 2 MB and error for 5MB file size.

These features make it worthy to learn Angular 8. If you’re looking to master all the new things of Angular 8, then the Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course is your choice.

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