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Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course
Does character drawing matter? How to level up your character drawing skills? How to become good at character drawing for animation? How to draw characters that can really express your feelings well? This Udemy Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course will help you get all questions figured out, and teach everything you need to master character drawing and character designs professionally. If you are one of those people who are really excited with learning character drawing, we highly suggest you to get through the course on Udemy.

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Introduction to The Character Drawing Course

Everything begins in mind. You choose to learn character drawing and character designs for 3D games, animating, cartoons, comics or more, and the Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course course can help you. This course is taught by Udemy top-rated mentor of Scott Harris, for now, who has over 193,276 students on Udemy – the leading online learning marketplace in the world. The mentor’s professional skills, techniques and practical experience will help you build a solid foundation of character drawing or master advanced techniques to drawing and sketching characters. This course is top-rated on Udemy with over 35.642 4.5-star ratings. If you are seeking to learn character animation with the industry’s expert, don’t miss out on trying this course today.

Requirements and targets:

The Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course course is intended for anyone, doesn’t require any prior experience with character drawing and character sketching. This course will help learners start with all the basics of character drawing, thus don’t be worried about you can’t keep up with the curriculum. To get the most out of the course, learners only need a strong motivation to learn and draw like an expert. Along with that, the necessaries are paper, pencils or other digital tools.

What you will learn:

The Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course course is all about character design and drawing characters, the instructor will help you learn from the ground up. If you are complete beginners, this course will take you from somewhere where you didn’t know how to draw characters at all you like. If you have experience with character drawing or you’re intermediate at character design, this course will amp up your character drawing skills so much. Next, let’s what you will learn from the best-selling course.

  • Learn how to deeply understand the core concepts of character drawing and let them become part of how your draw
  • Learn how to build a solid foundation of drawing
  • Learn how to master in drawing gestures, facial expressions, emotions, hairs, clothes, and more
  • Learn how to draw character like a professional
  • Learn how to master character drawing for 3D games
  • Learn how to master character designs and draw as an artist
  • Learn how to design your own characters for films, animating and more
  • Learn how to draw with pencils
  • Learn how to draw with digital tools
  • Learn how to become a professional artist
  • … much more

More About Character Drawing

What is character drawing? This Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course will tell you more about it. Character drawing deals with the characters of the TV series or animations and games and so on. They are made by professionals in this field so as to create new and original characters having their own individuality. The work even though looks very easy from afar is not quite so. Creating a completely new individual that too keeping a plot or theme in mind is quite a challenging task. But worry not as the article right here will provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you create characters and put life in them.
character drawing
Tips to create original characters:

These are a few processes to ensure that your characters art original and have their own specific details. Scroll down and keep reading to know more about how to create such a character.

  • Style of the character:

You must keep in mind that these characters are small packages of real life personalities. In real life we all have different personalities or at least some traits that are specific to us only. The characters too in similar ways have their own style. Say they have certain body postures, or some sort of a facial expression that are their own. You as an artist need to work on that and bring that particular trait into light.

  • Model sheets:

Sometimes, drawing the characters from different angles help you develop their images. Depicting the characters from different perspectives give a better study of the character to the artist and as well as make it easier for the audience to grasp the character better as well.

  • Expressions:

Just like different angles, varied expressions are also an important step in creating a character. The different expression they have on their faces while they are angry or sad or happy or whatever other expressions be their, helps in better grasping of the character.

To conclude however, it is only just to mention that no matter how many tricks you learn, you will never be able to master them until you yourself practice and strive to be better. In this Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course, you will get a lot of excises and demos to practice. After all the talent you have would be a waste if you do not put hard enough work to polish it.

Character Drawing for Animation

The whole process of character animation is just basically transferring characters into an animation movie or a skit. The sketches start moving. Enough, the role of an animator here is equivalent to the role of a director or an actor on stage. The only difference is that they are equipped with pen and paper, or some sort of digital tools. If you are looking for the details of animating a character, and what are the things you will get to learn in the process then this is just the article for you. Read along to know more!

The origins of character animation:

Winsor McCay’s, Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) is the first considerable example of character animation. Later in the 1930s, Walt Disney uplifted and made the concept of animating characters. Some of the best examples showcased in the productions include names of Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Dumbo and so on.

And now the art that had started from featuring in children’s cartoons and animation, have found a quite stable and big enough space in many more sectors such as the games, animations, manga, comics, and others. To become professional in character for animation, this Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course will be the boot camp of choice.

  • The learning aspects: 

This deals with how you must get hold of a good rig, what designs to use, how to handle a good rig in terms of keyframing, selection and so on.

  • Postures:

The postures of the characters tell a good deal about them, so to portray them well in your animation, you must decide upon the postures and positioning of the characters concerning their surroundings.

  • Planning and blocking:

Planning is more than just plotting out the themes and ideas; it includes how the character would behave, why and many such aspects of it. After you are done with drafting the initial stages of the character and the plot, you start with the animation part, marking out certain key postures and such. In this Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course course you will learn more about how to prepare your own characters.

  • Principles:

This step deals with maintaining those key aspects that you had just decided upon in the last step.

  • Splining:

This step deals with giving the animated characters some touch of originality. This is one of the most challenging steps involved.

  • Refining and polishing:

After all, is done, it is advised to go back and check once if all is in place. Thereafter refining the whole plot, you might want to go into polishing the edges a bit, giving touches of originality and realism to the characters and the scenarios and situations.

One of the most important things, however, to keep in mind is to be a critic of your work. That is the only way you can push yourself and move ahead.

How to Improve Your Character Drawing?

The Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course will teach you how to improve your character drawing skills and techniques. Sketching or drawing for some might be a matter of talent. They don’t need to try, they are just naturals at it. However, no art form is till yet here which cannot be conquered by practicing. If you are an amateur or even an intermediate in this line and are afraid as to how to enhance your drawing skills then you have come across the right piece of article for you. Scroll down to know more about how to master the skills you so very much want.
improve character drawing
Top ways to improve your character sketches: 

  • Make sketching a habit:

Wherever you are, whenever it be, whatever it be on your mind, do not keep from putting it down on a paper. The more you keep on sketching, the more you come across your flaws and get to eradicate them.

  • Pop cultural character study:

Start with interesting characters, characters that have an interesting side to them which are so prominent that once you study the character and sit down to draw, the outcome is not nearly that bad.

  • Create a visual library:

Keep track of your inspiration. Create a visual library on your laptop so that you can scoop out characters from there to study and sketch when you feel like it.

  • Choose your tool of choice:

You can either choose a pen, paper, and pencil or you can very well use any digital tool to draw your sketches as well. In this Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course you will learn how to use pencils, paper and digital tool to draw your expected characters.

  • Eyes and face:

Eyes are the mirror of our souls. Eyes and face are the most expressive parts of the character. So if you intend on making a realistic character, these are areas you need to specifically focus on.

  • Posture and body language:

Every other person has their own body language, their own ways of interacting with people. These are other aspects that give individuality to your character.

  • Costume:

While dressing the character keep in mind the kind of character you are creating, dress him or her accordingly.

  • Personality and color:

Color helps to convey the emotions to a great extent. If you say a character is a cold-hearted person, you can use cool colors such as blue or such to depict his coldness.

  • Light, shade, and texture:

Light and shade play quite an important part of any kind of drawing. While enhancing the dark and light areas of the drawing, make sure that the textures retain their features and appearances as well.

The key point, however, is discipline. If you practice in a disciplined manner, true to yourself, nothing can stop you from becoming a professional artist anytime soon.

What is Character Art School?

It can be said that the Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course also is offerrd by Character art school. Character art school teaches you how to draw natural, professional and energetic characters efficiently. It is a course of a specified number of days equipping you to provide handmade top quality sketches of characters and other drawings. Whichever level you are in, be it amateur, a complete beginner or if you are already at an intermediate level, character art schools help you to build up your professionalism and use it for your good. Let us now check out the necessities of the curriculum.

Requirements for the art form:

In this Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course, learners need a strong willingness to get the most out of it. The character school does not require much of any different materials than the usual drawing methods. You, however, can make use of paper and pencil or some digital tools to make your drawings or sketches.

  • Developing the expertise to draw well. Though some may argue that it’s all a matter of talent, there is always scope for improvement if one practices well enough.
  • Work on drawing fast. Along with working on your drawing skills, you must also work on making it fast. Start sketching wherever and whenever possible and whatever comes to the mind.
  • Practice drawing three-dimensional drawings. Needless to say, they add a sense of realism to the sketches and hence is a huge step to professional and natural drawings.
  • Practice sketches of eyes, face, ears, hands and so on separately. This will make your drawing more precise.
  • With the upcoming of the present generation, the popularity of comics, manga, animation, games, etc. has grown to a large extent. So while you are at it and aim at making professional art, it is a good thing to start making a drawing of these categories as they have a pretty much different base.

There you have it then, the dos and don’ts, and the intricate details of the character school of art. All you need now is a little bit of motivation and a lot of hard work.


In a word, to get the most out of the Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course course requires you always remember one thing all practical activities and practical demos and lots of drawing should be done, grasping all critical theory is to drawing well. So, if you desire to draw characters well or something awesome, we highly recommended this course. Enroll in this course here, save BIG up to 95% off.

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