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2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python
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Python programming is a sought-after and powerful skill you need if you dream to work as an advanced developer or boost your career in your industry of choice. And why wouldn’t you? Python programming is the hottest ranked and well-paid skill in the world. But to be a professional Python developer or work as a high-paid web developer, you need the techniques and skills that can help get you where you want to be. To do that, all what you need can be acquired with the Udemy best Python course named ‘2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python.’

This 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course covers everything you need to work with Python like a professional. Although you’re a complete beginner, it will help you learn from the basics to expert. So it is a good start to your journey. So, don’t miss out on learning the best Python course at Udemy.

Introduction to The Complete Python Bootcamp

Python boot camp
The 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course covers all the knowledge you need to know about Python programming, including Python 2 and Python 3. It is a good choice for those people who are complete new to Python and willing to learn more like a professional. This course is 4.5 top-rated on Udemy, as of 5/2019, there have been over 561,541 students enrolled. It has 24 hours of on-demand video, 19 articles, 19 coding exercises, and 186 lectures in total. This means that it covers nearly all you need to know about Python programming language.

What The Best Python Course Will Teach You:

The 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course has 186 lectures in total, and some updates will be added as the case may be. Its author is the Udemy renowned mentor named as Jose Portilla, Pierian Data International by Jose Portilla. The course is the bootcam that will take you from a complete beginner in programming with Python to a professional who are expert in developing applications and games. It helps you boost your skillsets to create your own applications and games with confidence and be able to stand out from crowds. Next, let’s have a detailed view on what you will learn from the course.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn to work with Python professionally
  • Learn all the advanced Python features
  • Learn how to work with the object oriented programming effectively
  • Learn how to develop your own applications with Python
  • Learn how to create your own games with Python
  • Learn how to create GUIs
  • Learn how to work with timestamps effortlessly
  • Learn how to get a depth learning of Python language from the ground up

What each lecture gives you:

  • 4 lectures about the course review
  • 5 lectures on Python setup
  • 21 lectures help to get started with Python object and understand the basics of data structure
  • 2 lectures on the knowledge of Python comparison operators
  • 7 lectures help learn all about the Python statements
  • 14 lectures introduce more about methods and Python functions
  • 5 lectures help to get the first Python milestone project
  • 9 lectures focus on introducing the object oriented programming
  • 3 lectures give you a simple introduction to modules and packages
  • 5 lectures on how to handle with errors and exceptions
  • 5 lectures help you continue the second milestone project
  • 2 lectures on Python decorators
  • 3 lectures on Python generators
  • 1 lecture to give you the final capstone Python project
  • 10 lectures will help you learn more about the advanced Python modules
  • 7 lectures help learn more about the advanced Python objects and master data structure
  • 7 lectures finally give you a bonus material about GUIs
  • 1 lectures on the bonus special offers
  • 74 lectures focus on all you need to know about Python 2
  • 1 lectures to conclude the course

Targets and requirements:

The 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course is designed for all people who are interested in learning Python from the ground up or those developers who want to boost their current Python skills to the better.

This 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Python, all what you need learn this course is a strong willing to get the most out of it.

What is Python Used For?

What is Python Used For
The 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course will help you get a better understanding of Python. There are a lot of application domains where Python is used. It is a multipurpose program and is the most preferred one. In the section given below, we have tried to tell you about the different places where it is used.

For numeric and scientific computing

The first and foremost use of Python is done in numeric and scientific computing. There are a lot of features in this program that could help you in doing so. The SciPy is one such feature that has a bundle of packages for mathematics, engineering, and science. The most popular feature, Panda is a library focused on data science and modeling. If you are using IPython, then the editing and recording works could be done easily. Apart from that, one could do visualization and parallel computing too, with the help of this. And you can learn more with the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course.

For software development

In the development of particular software, Python is used as a support language of the developers. It could be used for management, testing, for building control, etc. Now, there are various features for various functions. SCons is used to build control. Buildbot and Apache Gump are used for compilation and testing. Both of these things are automated and continuous. Roundup and Trac are two of the features that could be used for tracking bugs and for managing different projects.

For business applications

All the good e-commerce systems and ERP are set up with the help of Python. There are again different functions that help in doing so. For example, Odoo is software that has a vital range of business applications. Another one is known as Tryton. It is designed in a three-tier form. It is a general purpose application software. With the explained applications, it is clear that where to and where not to use Python. It would determine the importance of this particular program. To be able to develop your own business applications, don’t miss out on learning the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course at Udemy.

Python 2 versus Python 3

Python 2 versus Python 3
In the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course, you can learn both Python 2 and Python 3. Python 2 and Python 3 are the two important versions of Python. They are the part of the same program but are very different. Let us have a look at the differences between them.

Easy learning

If we compare the two programs, then Python 3 is easy to learn. This ease is due to the way in which the functions or calculations are performed. One example of it is that, when you try to do a calculation in Python 2, the output that comes is in round figure. If you divide 5 to 2, the result will be 2, in round figures. You need to write 2.0 and 5.0 for that. While in Python 3, this is not the case. You could simply write 2 and 5 and the output will be 2.5. The basic concept of giving this example is to make the users understand that Python 3 is easy to follow and learn.

Future use

Right from the year, Python 2 was launched; it has made a special place in the heart of tech experts. However, time is changing now. The future will see the emergence of Python 3 as the lead programming version. It is mainly because many of the big companies are using it. To be a master in working with Python 3, the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course is highly recommended

Print syntax difference

Both programs have different print functions. However, it does not affect the functioning of Python. Those who are learning to use Python; they might face difficulty, although. If you are writing print in Python 2, then you will write it as print only. While writing it in Python 3 won’t be the same. You need to write it like (print). So, those who have learned Python 2 and are now supposed to work on Python 3, they might face problems.

These are the three basic differences between the 2 versions of Python. If you are planning to learn any of them, you should know all of them. To know more the difference between Python 2 and Python 3, you just need to join the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course at Udemy.

Python Data Structure

Python Data Structure
To learn more about Python data structures, the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course will give you a comprehensive introduction. You’ll learn all the basics of data structures. In Python, Data structure is one of those functions that are used for the data holding. These are basically structures that could hold data together. We could also say that they store the data safely. If we talk about the specific data structures in Python, then there are four in number. All the four data structures are inbuilt. The name of these data structures is List, Tuple, Dictionary, and Set. Now, we will look at the character and nature of these data structures one by one.

  • List

If you want to make an ordered list of certain items, then List is the data structure you could use to store. To write the items in the list, one should use square brackets. This is done, in order to make Python understand that you are specifying certain items. The items could be removed or added easily from this list.

  • Tuple

A tuple is the data structure of Python. It is also used to hold data together. This could be assumed to be similar to the list, but the only difference is that the specification of the items is not done in the way it is done in the list. The items here are separated by commas and are written in different parentheses.

  • Dictionary

A dictionary could be defined as the data structure which resembles that of an address book in real life. You could find any key here. The name of the different keys should be different and unique. If not, then you won’t be able to find the exact key.

  • Set

This data structure is exactly the opposite of List. It is the set of the unordered items. A set is made in the case, when the mentioning of an item, is more important than counting the number of times it is mentioned.

So, these are the 4 data structures inbuilt in Python. A detailed explanation has been given, in order to make the users understand the functionality of them. To get more details about data structures, the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course will be a good choice.

Python Functions

Python Functions
Function plays a very important role in Python A function in Python is also called a method or procedure. It is one of those tools that could be used in utilizing the codes, at more than one place in the program. One of the greatest characteristics of Python is that it has a lot of in-built functions in itself. Also, it gives the users the freedom of creating their own functions too. If you wish to create or use the function, there are certain things that should be there in your mind. In the section given below, we will give detailed information about the function and other points related to it.

Defining a function in Python

If you want to write any function in Python, you will have to write “def” and it will be followed by the parameters and the name of the function. For example, if you write “def func1 ():”, then it means that you have written, “I am learning Python Function”. Now, there is a certain set of rules that you need to follow if you want to define or write a function. And the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course will tell you more details. These rules are listed below.

  1. While we write the functions, we use parentheses. If you are writing any args or inputs, it should always be inside these parentheses.
  2. The first statement could be a statement which is optional. This optional statement is called docstring or documentation string of the function.
  3. The way of writing a function should always be correct. The code that is written in the function should always start with colon (:).

So, these are the three basic rules for writing or defining a function. Using all of them in the procedure of writing the function is compulsory. If you are learning Python, functions are important to learn and these points will help you a lot in learning it easily and quickly. Looking for a good course to learn all about Python? It’ll be a wise choice to dive into the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python course.

Why Learn Python to Become An Advanced Python Programmer?

Python Programmer
Python is a high in-demand programming skill, which could be used for various purposes. It has gained a huge popularity, since the time it was launched. Still, people have the confusion, as to why learn it and why to become a Python programmer. In the section below, we have tried to give you some valid answers for these questions. Or you can get a better understanding of this question by learning the 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python immediately.

Machine learning made easy

If you are one if those tech enthusiasts, who want to purse this field for your career, then machine learning is something that you will have to learn. The main reason behind it is that the algorithms are becoming sophisticated with time. So, if you are into the machine learning process, then you will have to use Python as a program. This makes it the first reason for learning python and becoming a Python programmer.

Web development

Even if you do not belong to the field of technology, you could pursue Web development. There are many students who learn web development as their ad-on course. Now, the reason for which people prefer to learn this technical thing is that, it is easy in comparison to other such things. You will be glad to know that, if you have learnt Python, then it becomes easier for you. Python provides amazing frameworks and libraries. Two of them are Django and Flask.

Simple learning

Before you go and learn Python, you need to understand what it is. it is nothing but a program, that could be used in coding and programming. So, if you are coder, you might use this while coding. The reason for using Python while coding is that it is very simple to learn and use. Therefore, beginners are always advised or suggested to learn Python, before they go for coding.

These three reasons are big enough to compel you for learning Python. If you are serious about the IT sector and want to make a career in it, learning Python would help you a lot. Time to learn Python now? The Udemy best Python course ‘2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python’ always here awaits you.

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