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Learn everything you need to understand about JavaScript algorithms and how to master data structure like an expert. In addition, learn to become a better developer as you solving any difficult coding problems using JavaScript programming language. Learn to feel more effortless while taking a developer interview. By the end of the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course, you will level-up your developer skills, master JavaScript algorithms and data structure, and become a stronger developer.

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More About The JavaScript Course:

Do you realize that the JavaScript programming language still is a must-have skillset if you’re looking to be a modern and advanced developer? To understand JavaScript programming language deeply, grab the skills to solve any difficult coding problems, and master dozens of hot algorithms, we recommend you take the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course at Udemy. In this course, you will learn JavaScript from the novice to a seasoned developer. You will learn everything you must know to ace any difficult coding interviews. You will learn more than 10 sorts of data structures from scratch. You will learn to boost up your skillset of solving coding problems. And you will learn to become a better developer.
After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Be more confident while interviewing for a job in the development world
  • Enhance your abilities and boost up your skills to solve any thorny problems
  • Advance your development skills level to the better
  • Deeply understand all the concepts and algorithms of JavaScript
  • Pick up data structures skills and techniques
  • Conquer the challenges of coding interview
  • Be able to analyze your own code’s time and space complexity
  • Know the common programming patterns and be able to implement and work with searching algorithms
  • Learn to know more about linked lists, trees, heaps, hash tablets, and graphs
  • Get a basic understanding of the dynamic programming
  • … much more

Requirements and targets:

To learn the best-selling JavaScript course you should know the basics of JavaScript syntax, but no prior knowledge of data structures and computer science required. This JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course is a good choice for anyone who are looking to know more about the programming interview’s preparation, improve the problem-solving skills and become a seasoned developer.

Some details of this JavaScript course:

  • Course name: JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass
  • Author: Colt Steele
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Price: $11.99 Original Price $149.99
  • Rating: 4.7 (3,890 ratings)
  • Popularity: 24,743 students enrolled
  • Ranking: Best-seller
  • Language: English, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Romanian
  • Last updated: 11/2018
  • Includes: 21.5 hours of on-demand video, 32 articles
  • Resources: 80 downloadable resources and 96 coding exercises
  • Lectures: 249 lectures

JavaScript Programming Review

Are you into web development? If yes, then JavaScript is the perfect programming language for you. In this JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course, you can know JavaScript deeply. Do not confuse JavaScript with that of Java because those are two different things. JavaScript will help you to build some interactive websites and is now an essential technology that is used in the making of the website along with CSS and HTML. Most of the browsers are looking forward to implementing JavaScript. If you are someone who is into web development then JavaScript programming is very important especially if you are the front end developer or back-end developer.
JavaScript has also increased its usability when it comes to developing mobile apps, desktop apps, game development, and various other fields. Learning JavaScript is considered to be a useful skill that is exploding with popularity. If you’re looking to do deep into JavaScript programming language right now, we recommend you take the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course at Udemy.

What is JavaScript Programming Language?

It definitely took several decades in order to bring more improvements in the JavaScript programming language. It is not only one of the most popular programming languages that you will come across if you are in the field of web development but it has a lot of functionalities which can enhance of website. It took only 10 days by Branden Eich to develop the JavaScript in 1995. After that several versions of JavaScript came into the market.

JavaScript is definitely an interpreted, programming language that is used for making web pages more interactive. If you think that your website is missing something then all you need to do is incorporate the code of JavaScript. One can easily implement beautiful designs or complex things on web pages easily. One can see that the website has JavaScript code in it by looking into the features of the website.

JavaScript is definitely not Java and the scripting language is based on the object so it will definitely support encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. One will not have to compile Java Script like that of C or java. One can easily run the JavaScript on any browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Why Learn JavaScript?

The JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course is one of the bestsellers on how to master JavaScript. JavaScript that comes with a lot of benefits and this is one of the popular programming languages that you want will encounter if you are in the web development business. If you want to make your website look more interesting and attractive then JavaScript is something that must be in your code.

Easy to learn: JavaScript is definitely an easy language that you can start with even if it is a higher-level language. Learning JavaScript is very easy but it does come with some higher-level complex detail where you will have to put a lot of focus and learn to program. One can easily start coding on the JavaScript without setting any particular environment for development and this is one of the major reasons why beginners love to learn JavaScript.

Fun: JavaScript is definitely of a front-end development language that most of the people are using as a versatile tool for developing websites. It is very important to learn JavaScript properly for exploring every part of it.

Complex: JavaScript is definitely complex because it will be implemented by using the browser. For different browsing environment, you will have to write the code accordingly. If you are a beginner then it will definitely take you some time to get acquainted with the new programming language. If you want to deeply understand JavaScript, the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course is right boot camp.

Not so fast: JavaScript is definitely not a fast language because it is very flexible and for that, the machine will always require a lot of referencing in order to ensure that it is defining the particular thing properly. This is one of the major reasons why JavaScript has slow performance. Depending on the framework that has been used in the frontend the speed will vary.

Community: Whenever you are learning a new thing it is very important to know how large the community of learning that particular language is. If you are learning JavaScript then it has a large community so when you will be confused with any step it will help you to solve any query which you will encounter while learning the JavaScript.

Usage of JavaScript

In this JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course, you will learn to work with JavaScript effortlessly. There are several uses of JavaScript apart from the web development and those are mentioned in details below:

Server Applications: Even the server application uses the JavaScript because it helps in building applications with the scalable network. It is used for making efficient and lightweight applications and it can easily handle the HTTP request and it will generate the contents easily.

Art: One will be able to use the JavaScript for drawing some graphics on the HTML5 and it is very easy. You can make drawings of three or two dimensional in any browser. Most of the canvas won’t come with any content or borders so you will always get a great space for creating your own art.

Mobile applications: People uses JavaScript in mobile applications. JavaScript can help in building an application without using any web context. JavaScript can be used efficiently for deploying or downloading any respective application from the cross-environment. To develop fully featured back-end applications, the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course can teach you.

Robot: JavaScript can also be used in making flying robots. The NodeJS is used for programming the flying robot.

Web applications: In the web application, JavaScript is used to make the web application robust. With the help of JavaScript, one will be able to include the Google map into the webpage and interact with the web browser. JavaScript uses the application programming interfaces in order to provide some extra power to the coding.

Web development: One can see the use of JavaScript in web development because it is used for producing different types of web pages. It would not only make the webpage dynamic but it will also provide some features or effects. Most of the web development companies hire people who have skilled knowledge of JavaScript. It is very useful for supporting several external applications and for loading the content into the document without reloading the full page.

Is JavaScript Still Worthwhile to Learn?

The value of learning JavaScript will always remain the same because it has a very crucial part when it comes to developing interactive web pages. If you are a web developer then learning JavaScript is the first thing that you should begin with. Without JavaScript, your website will be unattractive and people will hardly appreciate it. This programming language is native to the web browser. In this JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course, you will learn JavaScript like an expert.

JavaScript is definitely a popular language and hence there are companies who will hire people for looking for the bugs in the JavaScript code. There are several interesting games that are based on the JavaScript platform. If you are someone who is working with web development then JavaScript programming language is very important for you. Most of the web browsers will work on JavaScript. If you are working with the web application then you must know JavaScript.

JavaScript is perfectly embedded in the internet fabric and everyone likes to use JavaScript. According to the statistics, the full-stack developers are completely relying on the use of JavaScript instead of any other languages.

How Long Does It Take to Master JavaScript?

The answer to how long does it take to master JavaScript is very tricky. Firstly, it definitely depends on how eager you are to learn this new programming language and how efficiently you are implementing it. Most of the time people concentrate on the theory part which is important but you must implement it practically in order to master it. To master JavaScript thoroughly, the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course is highly recommended.

JavaScript is definitely an easy language and for that, you will have to know how the JS engine will work, interpret and compile the code that you are writing. Staying curious about the programming language is very important in order to become a great developer and write better codes. If you can invest 3 hours every day where one hour would be for applying it and 2 hours should be for learning and it can definitely help you to master the JavaScript language within a few months.

If you are someone who has previous knowledge about web development languages then it is going to help you to grasp this language quickly. If you are completely new to the concept of web development then you will have to learn basic languages as well in order to know how everything syncs together and works in an optimized manner.


JavaScript is definitely one of those programming languages that has become an integral part of every web development. JavaScript will be quite difficult in the beginning to adapt quickly but if you have prevailing knowledge about HTML, CSS and other scripting languages then grasping JavaScript is not a hectic task. If you are interested in learning JavaScript programming at a scheduled time like an expert, the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass course can tell you how.

If you are already a web developer then you will see that with the implementation of JavaScript the website is changing dynamically and is going to provide you with several features that are not possible to incorporate if you are using any other programming language.

If you want to get a job in this current IT market scenario then make sure that your web development skills are polished and you have proper knowledge about JavaScript.

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