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Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps
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What is Flutter? What is Dart? They are what programming languages use when build the real native mobile apps. Increasingly more programmers, engineers and developers are interested in acquiring the Flutter & Dart techniques and tend to learn all things about them. So do you want to have a depth learning of Flutter and Dart? The Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course is a right choice for you. This is one of the best-selling Google Flutter courses on Udemy, as of 9/2019, there have been over 40,362 students enrolled students enrolled and the course has an average 4.7 rating. If you want to see who Flutter and Dart work, and be able to master that skills for developing engaging native iOS and Android apps, join the course!

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Introduction to The Flutter & Dart Course

This Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course introduces students to the high-demand Flutter programming language while casting a keen eye towards the skills and techniques to build amazing, engaging, and real native iOS and Android apps. The goal is to provide beginners and experienced developers with the foundation needed to build beautiful, cross-platform, yet fully customizable (iOS + Android) apps they have to confront daily in their professional lives. All learners will learn to master all things about Flutter and Dart techniques; understand the new features of Google maps, authentication, device camera and more; acquire the basics and advanced features of Flutter; build up the skillset to be proficient in building any native iOS and Android apps in no time.

This Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course is taught by the Udemy top-rated instructor named Maximilian Schwarzmüller, who has over 674.043 students in total and most of them are very satisfied with what they learnt. In this course, there are 602 lectures in total, including 58.5 hours of on-demand video, 61 articles, and 454 downloadable resources. To achieve this course requires students a strong willingness to get the most out of it. If you’re interested in diving into the popular Flutter and Dart programming skills, we recommend you try the Udemy best-selling course. The good thing is no prior knowledge required.
Flutter & Dart course
Who is the target?

This Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course is intended for anyone who want to learn Flutter and Dart, no matter who you are, beginners, programmers, engineers or experienced developers. This course is for you if you are looking to learn more about how to build real-native iOS and Android apps like a professional.

What is the requirement?

To learn this Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course doesn’t require any prior knowledge of programming languages, but the basic knowledge will be very helpful. Besides that, learning the course will require students use Windows, macOS or Linux. Furthermore, any experience of mobile apps development is not required.

What you will learn:

The Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course comes designed with 602 lectures in total. Do you want to know what each lectures will teach you? Refer to some details as followed.

  • 14 lectures introduce Flutter, Flutter architecture, Flutter versions, and how to set up Flutter on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • 40 lectures teach Flutter basics, Dart basics, and how to build an app from scratch, how to build a customizable widget, and how to work with maps. In this part, you’ll also learn advanced Flutter and Dart basics
  • 11 lectures explain how to run mobile apps on devices and how to debug apps
  • 47 lectures focuses on the knowledge of building a real app. You will learn everything about widgets, column alignment, styling, theming, adding logic and more
  • 21 lectures tell you what the responsive is and how to understand the adaptive. You will learn to build user faces and apps like an expert
  • 18 lectures teach what you need to know about widget and Flutter internals
  • 29 lectures introduce the knowledge about navigation and multiple screens
  • 30 lectures introduce the knowledge of state management

  • 19 lectures teach how to work with user input and how to submit forms
  • 24 lectures teach how to send Http requests
  • 19 lectures teach how to add user authentication
  • 12 lectures teach how to add animations
  • 20 lectures teach how to better understand the features of native device, and learn more about camera, maps, location, and more
  • 7 lectures teach how to utilize a project setup properly, how to run Android code, how to run iOS code, and how to send a method call from Flutter
  • 8 lectures teach you how to publish iOS and Android apps to the APP stores
  • 3 lectures help you continue the next step to be an awesome developer
  • 3 lectures give you a simple summary of the course update. You will know what changed, what are new content, and the reasons why updated the course.
  • 29 lectures teach you how to dive into the basics of widgets. You will learn to better understand widgets
  • 9 lectures teach how to debug Flutter apps
  • 6 lectures teach how to run apps on different devices
  • 8 lectures teach how to use lists and conditionals effortlessly
  • 22 lectures are all about navigation
  • 11 lectures teach how to hand user input
  • 25 lectures teach how to go deeper into widgets
  • 14 lectures explain how to take full use of forms
  • 6 lectures teach how to improve the app
  • 25 lectures teach more about models and state management
  • 20 lectures are all about Flutter and HTTP
  • 21 lectures teach you more about authentication
  • 22 lectures teach how to add Google maps to APP
  • 21 lectures teach how to access the device camera
  • 14 lectures teach how to add some animations to your own project
  • 15 lectures teach how to fix and autologout bugs, test and polish apps
  • 9 lectures teach what material design and cupertino are all about, when and how to use platform specific themes. And some useful resources and links included.

More About Flutter & Dart

Flutter is a new technology in that mobile application market that not everyone is aware of. The main reason why Flutter has become so much popular is that Google i/O has ended up dedicating all their attention to Flutter. In this Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course, you will get a depth learning of Flutter from the ground up.

Some of the most news about Flutter which came out is as follows

  • Google has come out with a new preview version of the Flutter. It was previously called the Hummingbird but now it is called Flutter web
  • Google has successfully able to launch version 1.7 of the Flutter
  • The latest version of the Flutter application now supports Chrome Operating System

Why use Flutter?

Fluster is a mobile application which has been designed by Google that helps developers to easily develop cross-platform mobile applications without any kind of problem. Flutter has helped developers develop one application for both Android and iOS without having to write separated codes for both operating systems.

The best thing about Flutter is that it is free to use and also an open-source platform. Flutter is based on Dart, which is an object-oriented programming language which is fast as well as easy to learn. To learn Flutter, the Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course will help serve as your guide.

Why do developers prefer Flutter?

Developers have always appreciated a mobile development platform which is dynamic and finally, Flutter is here to cater to all the developer needs. If developers have the same platform for both iOS and Android, then the time spent on testing becomes drastically less and it is easier for the developer to keep the application error-free.

With the increasing market of mobile application, Flutter is something which has grabbed a lot of attention and most of the application which will be coming in the future will build on Flutter. Flutter is the perfect application to build mobile apps which communicate with any kind of hardware with the help of Bluetooth.

Is Flutter The Future of Mobile Development?

There are a lot of platforms in the market which are used to cross over. Some of the common hybrid technologies which have become popular in the last few years are Sencha, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin. Most of the platforms which cross over are almost dead because the platforms were not that strong and we’re not helping the developers save time while developing a mobile application. To build real native mobile apps for Android and iOS, Flutter is a good tool. To learn all things about Flutter, we have the Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course for you.
Why has Flutter become so much popular?

Flutter is one of the most recent crosses over a platform which has become so much popular that every developer is trying to use it. The best thing about this platform now is that it is backed by Google. Google is now giving all their attention to this application so that they can help developers in what so ever way possible.To master all things about Google Flutter, we recommend you the Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course.

The Future of Mobile development

The answer to the question is Flutter the future of Mobile Development is yes. The platform which Flutter is built on is very strong which helps developers save a lot of time when it comes to coding in multiple operating systems. Developers are now able to write a single code and develop an application for both Android and iOS platforms.

If you are a developer, then the first thing that you need to understand is writing code for a mobile application is very different from writing code for a web-based application. The main advantage of Flutter is that you will be able to write and design both.

Developers should now start using Flutter for their application development because this is the best available platform in the market to develop apps and it will make their lives much easier, simple and automated. If developers are building an application which helps to fetch data, then Flutter is the perfect platform for them. Flutter has been increasing its user base rapidly in a short period of time. In this Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course, you’ll learn more about Flutter.

Should I Learn Flutter for Building iOS and Android Apps?

If you are a mobile application developer and you are planning to develop a new app for mobiles with the help of Flutter the first thing that you need to understand is what exactly is Flutter. Flutter is an application which is very has become very popular in the past few years. Google has been putting some extra effort on this platform because this will help a lot of developers develop mobile applications in a much simpler manner.

Flutter the one-stop solution for developers

In this Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course, you will learn to use Flutter to build engaging mobile apps. With the help of Flutter people are now able to write a single code for both Android as well as iOS platforms. Previously coders had to write different codes for both the platforms but everything has changed after that. A platform like this has helped people to increase their speed of application development and with help of this platform, people are also able to test their codes and figure out where they went wrong of where there is an error. Flutter is not only available for the web but is also available for mobile, desktop and embedded.

Features that Flutter:

  • The Flutter is an open-source platform which is available free of cost.
  • The Flutter is based on a programming language called Dart, which is new in the market and easy to learn for developers.
  • The user interface which is used in the Flutter is extremely attractive which makes app development fun for all the developers.
  • Flutter is known for coming out with Cupertino widget for iOS development and material design widget for Android.

This platform Flutter is now the latest mobile application SDK from Google and this is intended to fill in the shoes of an application which is cross-platform friendly.

Why Learn Dart?

In the Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course, you will also learn all things about Dart. Flutter is an open-source platform which has got a lot of attention in the past few months. The programming language which Flutter works on is popularly known as Dart. Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit also known as the (SDK) for all kinds of development related to mobile phones.

Dart the dynamic application

Dart is a platform which is designed by Google in such a manner that it focuses entirely on the expressiveness and agility of the product in general. This Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course is just the right one to help you learning more about Dart. There are a lot of developers who have found out that Java is very similar to Dart. Some people have said that Dart is one of the languages which is extremely approachable and easy to learn. Dart is very much dynamic and this is all the reason more developers have started taking interest in Flutter.

The best thing about the Flutter framework

The user interface of Flutter is one of the things which developers can’t stop talking about when it comes to this open-sourced platform. With the help of Flutter, the workflow of the developers has become much more short and efficient. With the help of this new platform creating mobile applications have become so much easy and convenient.

Dart has been in testing for almost 18 months and then finally the beta mode was released to the people Dart ended up to become the main framework in building Flutter. Google is now pushing hard so that they can come up with a platform for the developers to make their lives easy. This platform has made things much easier. The platform is still in its building stages and over time the updates will make the platform much more strong and developer-friendly. With Flutter, developers will not only be able to build mobile applications but also web applications.

Is It Worth Learning Flutter with Dart?

The cross over the platform is something that has been known for its limitations for the longest period. Creating a platform which is truly cross over is something which has been a dream. Developers have waited for a long time to work on a platform which is very flexible and easy to work with. Google is finally here with Flutter which is a truly cross over the platform. The User experienced is something which has lagged over the years when it comes to cross over platforms. Wondering how Flutter works? The Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course is a good online training.

Increase in productivity

The main reason why learning Flutter with Dart is so much important is that with the help of this platform which is open-sourced developers will be able to increase their productivity by ten times. The time required to develop applications in this platform is much lesser than any other platform or language. The application also comes with a lot of other features like developing codes in both iOS and Android is something which comes in handy for the developers daily.

Single code for all

Another feature which is so much popular when it comes to Flutter is that there is only one code for both back end and front end of a mobile application program. This helps in keeping the code much more organized and developers are easily able to figure out any kind of error which occurs because of it. Till now, if you want to learn Flutter and Dart from the beginning to expert, don’t miss out on the Udemy best-selling course: Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps.

The design of the platform Flutter is extremely powerful, so learning this will come in handy. If developers can master this platform for coding, then they will not only be able to save up their time, but also be able to write error-free code for any kind of operating system. The codes which are developed with the help of Flutter is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

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This Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course teaches beginners and experienced developers to master the popular and trending programming skills of Flutter and Dart. You don’t need any prior knowledge of programming languages, the mentor will guide you to learn all things you need to know from the start to finish. By the end of this course, you will be more confident in developing engaging native iOS and Anroid apps. If you’re willing to build your skillsets or advance your current levels of developing real native mobile apps for the popular mobile platforms – both iOS and Android, this Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course definitely is a good boot camp. Join the course today, use a valid Udemy coupon to generate more savings than ever could.

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