95% Off PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 Coupon

PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6 Coupon
Have you been looking to equip yourself with everything needed in succeed the PMP exam? Have you been always wishing to get PMP certified but don’t know how to get a good preparation for exam? Then this PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course is for you. Enroll in the best-selling PMBOK course today, save up to 95% off Using Udemy coupon.
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About This PMP Exam Prep Seminar Course

The PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course is taught by the acclaimed instructor Joseph Phillips, who is one of Udemy top-rated instructors dedicated in teaching PMP, PMP-ACP, Project+, ITIL, PSM I, CTT+ and more. Till now, the instructor has over 322,481 students and an average 4.5 top rating on Udemy. The course comes with 24.5 hours of on-demand video guide, 3 articles, 18 downloadable resources, 2 practical tests and 291 lectures in total. To make the most out of the course assumes users a strong willingness to learn and keep up with the schedule.

In this PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course, you will get a depth understanding of everything you need to prepare and pass the PMP exam. You will know what 35 PDUs/Contact hours mean and how to earn them, you will learn how to better understand the project management processes, you will learn how to be more effortless in demonstrating the formulas, charts, theories, and managing earned value. You will take part in some complete and hands-on exercises and assignments; you will also learn to build a solid foundation and acquire everything you need to pass the PMI PMP certification exam. At the end of this course, you will be able to become a project management professional.

Course’s requirement

To learn this PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course requires students should have the qualification for taking the PMP exam. Students also need to know the basic fundamentals of project management. The key is having a strong desire to pass the exam and get the PMP certified.

Course’s targets:

This PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course is made for anyone who are qualified for the PMP exam and dreaming to get PMP certified. If you’ve some basic knowledge of PMP and wish to level up your current skills and ace the PMP exam, then this course will help serve as your guide. After completing this boot camp, you will know how to start a good prep and pass your PMP exam on the first try.

Course content:

There are total 291 lectures in this course. You can refer to what each lecture will teach you as follows.

  • 9 lectures teach how to prepare to pass the PMP exam
  • 9 lectures teach how to learn and get the most out of this course
  • 7 lectures give you a review on the PMP exam domains
  • 16 lectures introduce to PMBOK and the sixth edition
  • 10 lectures teach how to build a solid foundation of project management
  • 9 lectures introduce some arear relevant with project management
  • 11 lectures introduce all components of project management
  • 12 lectures introduce project environments
  • 12 lectures introduce the role of project manager
  • 19 lectures teach how to implement project integration management
  • 13 lectures teach how to manage a project scope
  • 27 lectures teach what the project schedule management means
  • 14 lectures teach what project cost management means
  • 23 lectures teach what you need to know about project quality management
  • 20 lectures teach what you need to master about project resource management
  • 14 lectures teach what you need to learn about project communication management
  • 24 lectures teach what project risk management is and all its related knowledge you need to know
  • 17 lectures teach what you need to master about the project procurement management
  • 8 lectures teach how to engage project stakeholders
  • 3 lectures introduce toe MPI code of ethics
  • 12 lectures give you a review about PMP Blitz
  • 2 lectures to wrap up this course

Is It Worth Mastering PMP Skills?

In this PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course, you will learn to pick up the PMP skills. The project management program can provide you much-awaited success in your career. If you are one of the graduates who want to get onto the next step, then this will surely help you a lot. There are different benefits attached to this course, but somehow people get worried before opting PMP certifications this is because they have minimal knowledge about the same. If you are planning to opt for this certification then it is quite important to understand the benefits of the PMP certifications. Here we are discussing some of the perks that can provide you a good understanding of these ways by which this certification will help you.
PMP Skills
Perks of PMP certification

  • Value addition

In this competitive environment, one should get stalled. It is quite mandatory to opt for some of the certifications or programs that help to fulfill the future shift. PMP certification provides the same value that helps in an enormous increase in your skillset. Project management jobs are at boom this is quite evident that people of different genres apply for those but those who have something extra such as this certification, get the job. To know how to get PMP certified, the PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course can help you.

  • Industry recognition is mandatory

This professional course is recognized internationally. Some different courses or certifications are based upon demographics, but this is one of the certification courses that have a specific and stagnant value on the market. It is quite evident with the researches that if a company opts for more and credible project managers then the success ratio of different projects also increases. Company’s keeps on looking for certified professional those who can provide value. This certification will surely help you to get recognized in different industries.

  • Get hold of important skills

Every company wants some of the best project managers that come with something different. Standing out of the crowd is very important nowadays. This PMP certification provides you the same nudge over the other candidates and helps you to be in the win-win zone. With this certification, you can add some of the excellent skills that help to excel in a career. Not only the technical aspects of their certification help you to nurture the soft skills also.

  • Hike in income

This is one of the driving factors of this certification. These are a substantial gap in the salary package of the candidate with certification and without. In the study, it is declared that the median salary of those who are equipped with certification is approximately 20% higher than those who are without the certification. This makes it quite worth to opt for.

These are some of the hands-on benefits or perks that make this certification worth an option. Not only this if you are an optimistic professional who wants to excel continuously then it is more than ample. Just opt for this certification and get an all-around development in your career as well as in skillset. This PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course provides maximum positive outcomes in comparison to its contemporaries.

How to Become Project Management Professional?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acclaimed professional certification program. It is offered by PMI, which is one of the leading project management institutes. This program has well developed and recognized credential that provides essential support to the professionals who are project managers and working in the same for a substantial period.

This is one of the renowned and best certification programs that have immense credibility to provide a steep rise to your career as a project manager. With this PMP certification, you can gain a hike in your salary and position also. As a project manager, you can be able to excel and nature your talents all together. To prepare for winning this PMP certification, the PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course will be a good boot camp.

Here we are analyzing the relevant details of the certification program to get an overview of the same. Brace yourself for knowing everything about one of the best global certification programs that will surely help you to get benefited below are some of the most important aspects of this program.

Requirement for applying

If you are planning for opting this certification then you should be able to follow these given objectives

  • Liable to perform the duties assigned under general supervision. They can take full responsibility for all the aspects of the project. They should keep a watch on the life of the project also.
  • Able to lead from the front. The professional should be further capable of leading cross-functional teams that are responsible for delivering different operations as per the constraints, resources, and budget of the project.
  • They should have sound knowledge and experience of the different methodologies on which the whole project is defined. They should provide all the project related requirements as well as deliverables.

Apart from this information, some of the others can provide much support. One can easily get all the relevant ones in the PMP handbook.

PMP exam overview

Before learning this PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course, you should qualify for the PMP exam. While applying the PMP application you should organize your work experience dedicatedly. This certification exam has 200 multiple-choice questions, and you have four hours to complete it. To maintain the PMP from time to time you need to carry 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years. This will keep your PMP certifications enact to your profile.

Eligibility criteria

  • You should have a secondary degree such as high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent
  • They should have an experience of 7500 hours while leading and directing the projects.
  • They should have 35 hours of project management education or a CAPM certification.

There is one of the other alternatives that entails the eligibility for the PMP certification. These are prerequisites for that:

  • The candidates should have a four year degree which entails them as a graduate.
  • 4500 hours of leading and directing project
  • People who have 35 hours of project management education or the CAPM certifications.

The above are some of the essential information that makes this PMP certification a cakewalk. You just have to keep this information in your mind. This information comes handy and also enables you to excel in your career. To start a better prep for the PMP exam, this PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course will give you more help.

How to Prepare The PMP Exam?

When it comes to project management program certification it is mandatory to clear the international level exam. This exam is not so demanding, but needs to be given with the utmost care and with full strategy. Apart from the psychological approaches, there are some of the prescribed ways of preparation that can provide the maximum possibility of passing thus helping to attain a career perspective. And the PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course just is a good choice.
PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6
Core preparation strategy for PMP exam

  • PMP exams are massively dependent on the PMBOK Guide. This is just one of the advantages that should be used by all the candidates. Make a plan to complete this guide in bits and pieces. This will help you to get an understanding of the different topics and the content that makes it very useful. Other guides are not as much product as this. This provides an understanding of different attributes of the exam dependent upon.
  • Sample questions are an excellent way to start. This provides you a credible idea for the ongoing exam. Just make a strategy as per the time available it is quite mandatory to enact the exam with the help of these question papers. There should be daily and weekly goals regarding solving the question papers.
  • Using a good preparation book is as important as the other techniques. These books consist of a different set of questions and their preferred way of solving those. These books provide an ability to get an understanding of different scenarios, it is quite evident that a good prep book will help you substantially to get through the exams. Just makes sure that the preparation book is legitimate and updated as per the exams.
  • Opting for different PMP exam workshops is a credible way to get a feel for a classroom setting. This exclusively helps you to interact with the professionals and teachers who are well experienced to clear your confusion regarding the various topics. There are different workshops available regarding the PMP exams. Before opting for any of them one should give immense consideration to the reviews and the quality of the same.
  • There are different online courses also available, like PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6. In this era of technology, one should enroll themselves in such online courses and take massive help from the online community. You can either select workshops or online courses as per your need and desire.
  • There are a massive number of exam simulator available on the web. These simulators enact the same procedure as the actual exams. They also replicate the exam environment. This will provide your hands-on experience before the exams.
  • If you are a tech-savvy person then you can opt for different flashcards that help to recall the topic at any point in time. This is one of the cost-effective techniques that help to revise the topics at any place or at any point in time.
  • Participating in classrooms discussion or forums can be very efficient. These help to get an idea of the different strategies of the candidates.

These seem of a credible set of preparation strategies that can help you to get hands-on experience for clearing the PMP exams. Just keep this in mind practice is the key to success. If you are wishing to start a prep with a professional boot camp, don’t miss out on joining the PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 course on Udemy.

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