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React Native - The Practical Guide 2020
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What is React Native? Wondering how to to start a depth learning of React Native? Or looking to master the high-end React Native skills and techniques for modern web development? Let’s dive into the React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course, which will teach everything you need to know and master React Native. This course doesn’t require learner be an expert in React.js, but you should be familiar with what React.js is. So do you want to be good at building user interfaces, building web apps and native mobile apps? We highly recommend you give this React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course a try.

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Introduction to React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 Course

Whether you aims at understanding what React Native is, how it works, or how to use it for building native mobile apps, this React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course will teach you knowledge far beyond that. In this course, you will learn all the fundamentals of React Native; you will learn how to utilize the skills of React and JavaScript to develop high quality native mobile apps; you will learn to master all core concepts and theories behind React Native; you will learn how to build some cross-platform apps for iOS and Android. You will also learn how to get a deeper learning of React Native, how to navigate in React Native apps, how to debug issues, how to become a professional React Native developer and so much more.

Targets and requirements:

Feel free to learn this React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course because it doesn’t require any experience with Android and iOS development. Anyone who want to learn deeply about the React Native technology can take this course. To learn this does assumes learners know the basics of React but don’t have to be an expert. Along with that, the knowledge of JavaScript programming language is a must-have prerequisite. Are you ready to start a complete learning of React Native for excellent naive mobile app development? Don’t miss out on the best-selling React Native course on Udemy.

What this course carries out:

The React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course is taught by the professional developer and acclaimed instructor named Maximilian Schwarzmüller. This course is carefully thought and edited by the instructor in order to help every learner builds their skillsets of building native iOS and Android apps. Once enrolled, you will get over 29 hours of on-demand video guide, 32 articles, 251 download resources, and 289 lectures. So to ace the course thoroughly needs learners a strong will to make the most out of it. Are you ready? Believe in yourself and learn this course at your own scheduled time, at anywhere.

More About React Native

The React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course will give you a complete introduction to React Native core Components, styling, layouts. For quite a long time, the software developing companies have had two different app development teams, which were there for iOS and Android. The React Native has changed the scenario completely. The job of a developer has become easier with the advent of React Native. It has proved itself in being significantly time and cost-saving with just one source code that can be run on various platforms. It is JavaScript-based; hence, there is no need to know multiple languages. Due to all of the positivity, React Native has been observed to grow leaps and bounds in the current time. In this article, we are going to give you a detailed overview of it.
Best Udemy React Native Course
Definition of React Native

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript and is developed by Facebook. It helps to build flexible, faster and recyclable user interfaces. Some of the apps that are already working on React Native are Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, and Airbnb. They rely on this framework to thorough consistency across the different platforms of Android and iOS.

The React Native helps you to build applications by using Native code. The mobile apps that are made using the React Native framework have a great performance level and can be distinguished from the ones built with Java or Swift. The platform assures you the same user experience across IOS and Android. In this React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course, you can learn more about how to build native mobile apps using React Native.

Basic Components of React Native

View – One of the in-built components of React is “View”. It is quite similar to div in HTML and used widely used in mobile apps. The view is especially the area where you display the content. This area can be used strategically to arrange the content in the best manner. It serves as a nested element whenever you need it.

State – Two types of data available keeps control over the components. They are props and states. The state is changeable and it can change the value at any point in time. Therefore, the variable data gets stored in ‘state’. The developer can initialize the state in a constructor and can change the value with the function of ‘setState’.

Props – The second type of data is fixed or rigid. It works as a connector between the presentation component and the container component. It helps to update the state that is handled by the container component. It will further pass on to the presentation component and display the view.


The styling may look very simple, however, it isn’t. The style should be kept aloof from the component code and should be placed within a folder, which is further segregated as per the component. This should be done to keep things separated and simple. One of the remarkable benefits of styling in react native is that it gets defined through a code. You should make real-time calculations and define the variables.

I hope the above points were sufficient to brief you about React Native. It is one of the popular frameworks on which the software developers are working on to create magnificent apps.

Is React Native Developer High-Demand

The React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course will tell you why the React Native development skill is high demand. React native has been one of the greatest mobile app development frameworks. It is a good decision to choose React Native for building quality mobile apps. It is cost-efficient and time-saving that comes with a set if ready-to-use components created to make work easier. The framework is JavaScript-based that permits you to develop apps and run it on both the mobile platforms of iOS and Android. One of its interesting features is that, you just have to write the source course and they would be able to run it on various platforms. Today we would let you know the current market scenario of React Native.

What are the career prospects in React Native?

The career prospect of a react-native web developer is booming as it is a skill that is quite in demand. If an individual learns the react native skills there, he will get various options and amazing careers in web development industry. The world is becoming a technologically advanced space and hence the needs of web and application developers are increasing with great speed. The react native web is a web interface with the highest quality that is used to build remarkable websites that can run ob both computers as well as mobile.
Scopes of a react native developer on professional grounds

  • Great salary package

The new technology of React-Native would offer a skilled individual a great package in the competitive market. The technology is new and there are not many skilled personnel available, hence the demand increases. Every company be it a developed or is in the developing state requires web developers. If you can acquire the skill of react native, you can be one of the exclusive candidates available in the market for interview. Hence, you are sure to be offered a huge package. To master all things about React Native, we highly recommend you try the React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course on Udemy.

  • Good option for self-starters

It is actually a considerable option for the start-up businesses if you are well versed with react native web. When you acquire a strong hold over the topic, you become a professional and can form a group to start up a business. Your job would be build and develop website and apps for various companies. You would take up work as projects and fulfill them to gain profit. Otherwise, you can also sell your already prepared websites to different companies to earn a handsome amount.

  • Become a freelance web-developer

You can also become a freelancer or a remote worker and still earn good if you have the skill set of React Native developer. React Native is one of the best and exclusive ways to create website and app on request. This skill is trending in the current market and has high demands. Hence, even if you do not have time to work full time, you may opt for freelancing and work remotely from home. You are still going to make enough money.
Even in the future, the importances of react native web developers are going to enhance. Therefore, you would never run out of the job market if you possess the skill. If you are still in doubt, consider the above-mentioned points that would prove our point.

Is React Native Skill Worth Mastering?

In nonprofessional’s language, proficient React Native developers are the ones who can create apps that truly feel native and are made familiar to various developers. An engineer who is well versed with react native has great knowledge of JavaScript and native platform skills, which makes him a useful resource to diversify products across various platforms. It is one of the trending technology used by various large companies and has become popular in no time. The React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course will teach React Native skills and techniques that developers should master.
react native
The skills that a good react native developer would possess

The React Native network allows an engineer to develop and run applications both on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Once you have mastered the skill of react-native then you will acquire the below-mentioned skills:

In-depth knowledge of JavaScript

You should have an inside-out knowledge of JavaScript to build components. Therefore, the react native skill will also help you in creating the whole logic and service of the application and to understand their flow of work.

Supreme command over the development of native iOS and Android

A skilled react developer is expected to know the basics to make an app run as most of the times, there are tools used from the native end. They should have though knowledge of Sift, Objective-C and Java. If you are looking to know more about React Native, don’t miss out on the best-seller of React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 on Udemy.

Detailed understanding of basic react assumptions

The developer needs to be able to work seamlessly with the concepts of Virtual DOM, JSX and component lifecycle. These would help them in the long run of building apps.

The great conception of few technologies and handy tools:

  • Some of the crucial ones that you would achieve as a skilled developer are:
  • Sentry error tracking – this you need while fixing and monitoring real-time crashes.
  • Bitrise – it will help you with enhanced automation and upgraded workflow.
  • Hockeyapp – this does any actions like collecting feedback of the users, help with crash reporting, manage the testers, beta distribution, etc.
  • Redux- it is an open-source JavaScript library and is used for managing the application state.
  • ESLint – it helps you to check if the code is written by keeping abreast of the JavaSript patterns.
  • Jest – This is a ready-to-use tool that is used for performing the tests of JS code. It doesn’t require any configuration.
  • Enzyme – it is a set of tools that are designed for the purpose of testing the React apps.

Acquire the ability to keep the codes clear and sophisticated

Though this is not a fashion industry where you have to compete for being stylish, however, the developers aim to perform their best. To become the best, they need to follow the rules of the style guides like Airbnb JS Style Guide or Google JS Style Guide. It is quite essential for a developer to write readable and compatible source codes so that it becomes easier to develop and maintain the app in the current scenario as well in the future. To become a react native professional, the React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course can help you.

So, you can see it for yourself why you should master the skill of React Native. There are many benefits and also it will help as an engineer to bag a great job.

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The React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 course is a priority to learn everything you want to know about building native iOS and Android apps. Whether you aim at being capable of developing native mobile apps or are interested in writing cross-platform apps, this course will reveal out all things you need to know. If you struggle with how to use React Native to build native mobile apps, give this course a try and it won’t let you feel disappointed.

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