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The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course will help you pick up, level up and hone the hot mobile apps development skills needed for being an advanced Android Kotlin programmer. The course in this category of mobile apps development is one of the bestsellers. As of 8/2019, there have been over 95,274 students enrolled and most of them are very happy with what they’ve learned. So, if you are looking to dive into the popular Kotlin programming language, we recommend you take the course on Udemy.

Introduction to The Android Kotlin Course

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course will give you the chances to integrate and apply all the Kotlin programming skills you have learned throughout the boot camp to build 17 online games and apps for Android, such as restaurant apps, Zoo apps, calculator apps, Facebook apps, Alaram apps, and more. This course gives you easy access to the in-demand Kotlin techniques used by experts in building Android apps and games. We’ll learn about the how the Kotlin programming language works and how it builds great apps and games in Android like pockemon. We’ll also learn to hone our skills to be Kotlin programmer from scratch.

Learning with the Udemy instructor Hussein Al Rubaye, no matter what your skill levels in Kotlin you would like to master, you can boost up your current levels and make awesome apps and games like an expert. If you’re already an expert, The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course will hone your techniques for developing successful mobile apps, such as Twitter, Tic Tac toe local app, find my phone app, etc.. If you’re struggling, you’ll see how a Kotlin expert help walk you through what you need to do to build your first mobile app with Kotlin. So, if you’ve ever wanted to become better at working with Kotlin programming language, this course will help serve as your guide.

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Requirements & who this Android Kotlin course is for:

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course is made for anyone who are willing to learn how to build and develop Android apps with Kotlin. No prerequisites are required. So, enroll in the course today as long as you want to.
Some details of the Android Kotlin course

  • Course name: The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course
  • Author: Hussein Al Rubaye
  • Rating & students:
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • Last updated: Last updated 8/2019
  • Video: 33.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Content: 205 lectures
  • Resources: 17 downloadable resources and 3 articles

What each lecture will teach you:

  • 3 lecture will give an introduction to the course’s guidelines and resources
  • 2 lectures will help set up environment, you will learn to install Java JDK and IntelliJ IDEA
  • 5 lectures will help build first Kotlin app
  • 5 lectures will introduce to math operations and priorities
  • 6 lectures are all about decision making
  • 4 lectures are all about loop control
  • 9 lectures are all information about data structures
  • 5 lectures introduce to functions
  • 19 lectures introduce to the object oriented programming
  • 3 lectures introduce to storage and files
  • 2 lectures introduce to multi threading
  • 2 lectures on Android set up
  • 4 lectures will guide you to build your fits age app
  • 6 lectures will guide you how to make a Tic Tac toy game
  • 9 lectures will help you build the calculator app
  • 7 lectures will tell you how to build Pockemon game in Android
  • 7 lectures will explain how to build Zoo app
  • 4 lectures will help you build restaurant menu
  • 6 lectures will teach you how to build web services like find city sunrise time app
  • 12 lectures will teach how to build a my notes app
  • 1 lectures for Android P updates
  • 2 lectures will introduce to Firebase
  • 11 lectures will teach you more about Firebase, you will learn to build a Tic Tac toy game using Firebase
  • 11 lectures will teach you how to build the Twitter and Facebook app like an expert
  • 5 lectures will teach you how to play songs
  • 8 lectures will teach you how to complete alarm app
  • 2 lectures will help you build sensors apps
  • 18 lectures will help you build a find my phone apps using Firebase
  • 22 lectures will guide you to build Twitter apps
  • 2 lectures will teach you how to build web services using NodeJS and C# programming langauges
  • 3 lectures will help you know how to publish app to store

More About Kotlin Programming Language

Java has always been the main programming language used for the development of Android since the time of its conception. However, the community was asking for an alternative which could be more productive and modern. Well, this is how Kotlin was brought into existence. In The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course, you will get a deep learning of Kotlin programming. In May Google announced support for Kotlin in Android at Google I/O 2017. The company also reinforced how important Kotlin is for the development of apps again in 2018.

Kotlin happens to be a part of the steps taken by Google to improve the development of android apps. Kotlin can do much more than just making the process easier and faster. Developers can use it to make better apps. It is just a part of Google’s toolkit but it is important than any other new feature which is used to make apps development better.

What is Kotlin?

Before we move on to any further details about Kotlin, let’s first learn what exactly it is.

Kotlin is basically a cross-platform, programming language which is developed to interoperate completely with Java. Kotlin is mainly known to target the JVM but at the same time, it also compiles to native code or JavaScript. Kotlin is sponsored by Google and JetBrains.

Kotlin is officially supported and used by Google for the development of android apps. It has been included as an alternative to Java from the time Android Studio 3.0 has been released. Not just that but Kotlin is also Google’s preferred language for developing android apps since May 2019. If you are interested in learning all things about Kotlin, then The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course is highly recommended.

What are The Things You Need to Know About Kotlin?

Now that you know what Kotlin is and what it is used for, it’s time to look into some important details about this programming language.

  • It is an open source language

The developers at JetBrains were too much annoyed with Java’s verbosity. They were looking for an alternative that would be more concise and compatible with Java. This is when Kotlin was started. As the developers were working on Kotlin, instead of keeping it as an internal project, they decided to make open source it.

Right now Kotlin doesn’t earn profit from the developers. However, it does expect to earn income from Kotlin supporting products. Kotlin has received huge appreciation and feedback from big Java community.

  • You write less code with Kotlin

When using Java you have to write every details but that is not the case with Kotlin. Kotlin is more advanced and is designed to understand from the code and write a lot of code itself. It can be said that you have to write 20% less when using Kotlin compiler.

Kotlin is also good with type interference and reduces the boilerplate code. This way developers are able to save a lot of their time and therefore, they are happy to use Kotlin. This also increases the productivity of the developers as they don’t have to waste enough time writing the codes. When using Kotlin, developers are able to focus more on the interesting part of the codes while leaving Kotlin to handle the routine things.

  • Easy to learn

Another great advantage of using Kotlin is that it is easy to learn. This user-friendly language is so easy that you can even learn it in few hours. All you need to do is read the language reference. This becomes all the more easily when you know Java. To learn Kotlin, don’t miss out on taking The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course at Udemy.

It is also equipped with an intuitive and lean syntax which is designed especially for the Java developers. For Java developers, they can find it really easy to learn. This is mainly because they find Kotlin syntax to be very similar to Java.

Kotline is a language that has been inspired by many other existing programming languages including JavaScript, C#, Java, Groovy and Scala. This particular language was designed so that people can learn it fast. You can start using Kotlin in just a matter of days. It may take some time to learn its advanced features but overall, it is very easy to learn.

  • Kotlin is used for server side development

Kotlin is also used for server side development. the fact that it has 100 percent compatibility with JVM, you will be able to develop server side development with full efficiency. you can also make use of several frameworks including Spring, Ktor, Vert.x. Kotlinx.html etc.

  • Extension functions

You can use operators and extensions to compose functions in Kotlin. It gives you the ability to extend a class with new functionality and that too without inheriting the class.

Extension functions are basically the functions that are used by developers to extend the functionalities of classes without touching the code.

How can you use Kotlin?

Kotlin can be used for any kind of development including server side, client-side and android. In The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course, you will learn more about Kotlin for Android.

Kotlin is supported by android and therefore, you can find numerous android apps using Kotlin. The good thing about Kotlin is that you can use it in several ways. For example, you can use it for data science, for mobile and server side applications.

Kotlin is also known to be compatible with the existing module systems such as CommonJS and AMD. When it comes to desktop development, you can make use of any Java UI framework such as JavaFx or Swing.

What about Kotlin set-up?

As you already know Kotlin is supported by android. Other than that it is also supported by IntelliJ and Studio. The best thing about Kotlin is that it is available for free. This basically means you don’t even have to pay a penny while using it to develop your project. If you are new in this field then you can take the advantage of the language and also experiment with it.

Now that developers have Kotlin they can develop better apps in a more convenient way. Not just that but Kotlin is also more safe, reliable and stable. There are many companies including the tech giant Google who are supporting Kotlin for real.

Kotlin VS Java

When you think about developing android apps, the first programming language that pops in your mind is Java. But now times have changed. You don’t have to always use Java for developing a new android app. That’s because now you have an alternative to Java called Kotlin. This particular language is getting a lot of attention from the tech giant Google. In fact, they are supporting the language for the development of android apps.

Apps that are created with Kotlin is considered to be better. Not just that but even the developers find Kotlin easy to use and learn. Having said that now let’s look into the major differences between the two languages.

Kotlin vs Java: the main differences

Kotlin and Java are two different programming languages. The main differences between the two languages include:

  • Kotlin is null safe by default

NullPointerExceptions is a big cause of frustration for the Java developers. Java as a programming language allows you to assign null to any variable. However, if you try to use an object reference with a null value, then you will be encountered with NullPointerEXceptions. But this is not the case with Kotlin. That’s because all types are unable to hold null value by default. In case, you try to return or assign null in your code then it will simply fail at compile time.

  • Extension functions

The good thing about Kotlin is that it allows the developers to extend a class with new functionality. This feature is useful when you feel that a class that is missing is an important method. But you won’t find these extension functions in Java.

  • No checked exceptions

Kotlin doesn’t come with checked exceptions. This means you don’t have to declare or catch any exceptions. When it’s about checked exceptions, it is completely up to your opinion whether you want to stick to Java or move o Kotlin.

If you are tired of annoying catch blocks cluttering up your code in Java then you may find this omission useful.

  • Coroutines are first-class citizens

If you try to start a long-running operation such as CPU-intensive work, the calling thread gets blocked until the operation is over.

If you are using Java then the solution to this could be to create a background thread to perform this long-running work. However, trying to manage more than one thread can be really complicated. Not just that but it can even lead to error-prone code. Also, creating a new thread is very expensive.

But in Kotlin, if you try to create new threads, you can use coroutines which performs long-running by suspending execution at a particular point without blocking the thread. It resumes the function later, on another thread. This helps you t create non-blocking asynchronous code.

These are only a few of the major difference =s that sets the two languages apart. From the above discussion, it is clear that in the majority of the ways Kotlin is better than Java. This is why Google is full-time supporting Kotlin.

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At Last

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course is a priority if you have been always looking to learn all things about Kotlin programming language but don’t know how to get started. Enroll in the course today, use a verified Udemy coupon to help you save BIG up to 95% off.

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