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Welcome to The Complete Android N Developer Course, a deeply engaging online training of Android N from the best-selling Udemy instructors Rob Percival and Marc Stock. To enroll in this course for up to 95% off, click on “Buy Now – Save Up to 95% Off!” Certification of completion guaranteed.

Introduction to The Complete Android N Developer Course:

The Complete Android N Developer Course is designed for people who are interested in learning more about Android N program and mastering all things to become an advanced app developer. In this course, you will learn about skills and techniques necessary to succeed in the mobile app development workplace. You will learn to be proficient in building pretty much Android apps you want, while boosting up your skillsets for applying a high-paid job in a software company as a sought-after Android developer. You will learn to be expert in Android app development using Android 7 Nougat. Upon completing this course, you will be a professional app developer who is able to work from anywhere in the world.

What you’ll need to get started:

This best-selling Android N developer course is designed for learners who have little or no prior experience in developing an app. To learn this course only requires learners have a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer with a stable Internet connection. During the training, you will use Android Studio versions 2.0 and 2.1.2. The mentor will teach you everything you need to know.

Who is this Android N developer course for?

The Complete Android N Developer Course is intended for anyone who want to go deep into Android app development and the Android N program. Although you are a complete beginner, the course also is right for you. This course has been refined, which aims helping learner hone their Android app development skills to the better.

What you will learn:

The Complete Android N Developer Course will teach a huge range of technologies you need to know to be a better Android app developer, including Android Nougat, Java deep dive, open source Parse server, Firebase, Admob, GDX, Bluetooth and much more. The course has 272 lectures in total, next let’s see what you will get from each lecture.

  • 4 lectures will tell you what the course covers
  • 19 lectures will give you an introduction to Android Studio
  • 18 lectures will give you a deep learning of Java
  • 19 lectures will introduce images, video, and sound. You will learn to animate images, connect games, control audio, app basic phrases, and more
  • 29 lectures will introduce to the advanced Android features
  • 17 lectures will teach all things about maps and geolocation. In this section, you will learn to use and customize your maps, you will lean to get and show the users location, and more about Android studio files
  • 17 lectures will teach you the permanent data storage
  • 19 lectures will teach you how to clone Instagram
  • 11 lectures will tech you how to clone Uber
  • 15 lectures will teach you how to clone Flappy Bird
  • 13 lectures will teach you more about the extras, like how to work with Bluetooth, how to set up FIrebase, how to work with Admob, local notification, and more
  • 19 lectures will teach you how to work with Android wear. In this mini course, you will learn how to adapt apps for difference watch faces, how to work with cards, how to work with lists, how to input voice, how to communicate with the users phone, and more
  • 2 lectures will tech you how to submit your app to Google Play
  • 3 lectures will tech you how to set up a marketing website
  • 9 lectures will introduce to the techniques to clone Twitter
  • 7 lectures will tell you how to clone WhatsApp
  • 2 lectures will help you know where do you go from here
  • 2 lectures will give you a pre-introduction to the app marketing knowledge
  • 3 lectures will tell you what you can expect from this course
  • 6 lectures will help you learn more about the app marketing
  • 12 lectures will teach you the expert app store optimization techniques and search engine strategies
  • The last 26 lectures will introduce the top expert marketing strategies for promoting your apps

Android N, Java & Android Studio Techniques You Will Learn

In The Complete Android N Developer Course, you will learn all things about Android N. What is Android N? Android N is the codename of Android Nougat”. It is the 14th version of the android operating system. This version of AOS was released on 5th august 2019 and here are some important facts related to it.

  • It was originally released on 22nd August 2106. The latest version of this android operating system is 7.1.2 (N2G48H) and was released on 5th August 2019.
  • The developer of this android operating system is Google.
  • Its kernel type is Linux 4.1. It was preceded by Android 6.0.1 “Marshmallow” and succeeded by Android 8.0 “Oreo”.
  • The first android phone that came into existence with Android N was LG V20.
  • The changes in the version of Android N bought about a lot of changes in it. Both the development platform and operating systems faced a lot of changes.
  • Apart From the changes that were seen in the development platform, the display setting also was changed. It now has the ability to display multiple applications on the screen and that too in one go with the help of split-screen view method.
  • The best part about the changes that came in this android development system is that it helps you in saving the power of your phone. When you turn the screen of your phone off, it stops working for that particular time period.
  • If we talk about the overall review of this system, then it got positive reviews. One feature which is getting the maximum of the hype is the notification format and the multitasking interface.
  • Talking about the index, 19.2% of android devices that accessed Google play have Nougat on their phone. Out of all of them, 11.4% was Android 7 and 7.8% Android 7.1.

These were the important facts related to Android N. Those who want to know the basics of it could easily seek the required info from these points. To get a deep learning of Android N, the Complete Android N Developer Course is a recommended choice.

Android N Features

Android N has always been updating its versions from the time it was first released. Here are the features of the latest version.
Features of Android N

The new Android N has some really good features in it. Out of all, the first one is multitasking. There is a feature of split-screen in this Android Operating system. You need to update all the applications, in order to use the split-screen feature. There are certain apps like Instagram that does not work at all. The update is not required, if it has to work, it will work anyways. It has increased the efficiency of the users.

One of the features that have received the most praise is the notification format. It has been renewed completely. The visual of the notifications is better now. The icons are small and the design is of full width. Earlier, seeing a notification without unlocking was not possible with this android operating system, but now, not only you could see it but could drag it completely to know more about the notification. Also, you could long-press a notification badge and then could decide how you want to receive the alert in the future.

Apart from the notification format, one more feature that is recognized as very valuable amongst all others is the variety in keyboard themes. Now, one could easily turn his or her boring Google keyboard into an attractive and funky one. There are now tons of themes that you could use for your keyboard.

The performance of android versions increases with the change of version and android N is no exception. This application has adopted graphics API Vulkan which is now seen for developing a lot of PC games too.

So these were all the important features that Android N has in its latest version. All these features clearly say that the change is for good. If you looking to learn more about Android N, then The Complete Android N Developer Course is a good start.

Android Studio

The Complete Android N Developer Course course will introduce to Android N program. Android studio is one such IDE that is designed especially for Google’s android operating system and is used to design android apps. One could easily download it on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Here are few of the important features of Android studio.
android studio

  • The build support of android studio is Gradle based which is an open source system and uses DAG for the work that is run inside it.
  • Refactoring is a process that is done to fix the codes in any computer. This process is done very quickly via android studio. Also, the fixes that are required in this process is also done very quickly.
  • Android studio is known for having the richest layout editor. This editor actually allows to the users to drag and drop the components of UI. Also, one could preview the layout formed in any screen configuration you want.
  • The wizards that you see here are template based and are used to design common android designs and components related to it.
  • This IDE supports the building up of android wear apps. Not only this, it is also known for supporting the manufacturing of the Google cloud platform. It also supports the activation of integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging and Google app engine.
  • It supports the languages like Java, C++ and all the other programming languages that are supported by IntelliJ.
  • If you are going to use this, then you must have a certain range of RAM in your computer system. For the first version, you should have a minimum of 3 GB and 4GB is ideal. For the second and third versions, you should have at least 8 GB RAM in your computer.

So, this was all about android studio. The features mentioned here tell us completely about it and also about its usage. Enroll in The Complete Android N Developer Course today, learn everything you need to know about Android N from expert.

Java Programming

The Complete Android N Developer Course will give you depth learning of Java programming. Java is not a new computer programming language and it does not require any introduction too. However, those who look for a scope in this language, should know the reviews of it. The review of Java programming is mixed. Some find it good and useful, while others have a different opinion about it. Let us have a quick look at it.

  • Simple language

This is one such feature of the programming on which almost everyone agrees. This is very easy to read, write and compile. An automatic allocation of memory is used by this programming language and this also leads to the process of garbage collection. It is easier than the programming languages like C++.

  • Works independently

You do not really need to own a particular system to work with Java on it. All you need is the presence of Java programming on your system.

  • Efficient usage

It is not that, if it is simple and easy to use, the programs that are made out of it are not useful. This allows the user to form reusable code and standard programs.

  • Helps in computer networking

Computer networking is actually possible due to Java. You could develop applications on networks and it could be later contributed for the functionality of data and application.

  • Low performance

Undoubtedly, this programming language is simple and useful, but it is not perfect. The performance of this programming language is slower than the other complex languages, like C or C++.

  • Wrong way of memory management

The memory of Java is managed by a wrong system, which is garbage collection. The consequence of the garbage collector is the slow processing of the device.

These are all the points that are there in the reviews for Java. Like we mentioned earlier, this has worked differently for different people.

Why Master Android App Development?

The Complete Android N Developer Course is intended for anyone who want to master the Android app development. Android development has now become one of the best jobs, but a lot of us still do not know the exact reason to become one. Here are all the reasons for which you should learn android app development.

Better job prospects

The first thing that one needs to keep in their mind is that, this is a skill that should be learnt by an individual only if, he or she is interested in working in IT. After you have made your mind, you should know that this skill is going to get you the best jobs available in this field. It is going to give you better opportunities to work with great organizations and better pay too.

You get to learn a lot

The path of becoming an android developer is not easy. You need to learn certain things that are important for it. Two of the important skills that you need to learn if you want to become an android developer are Java and XML. Java is important for it, as android applications have java coding in them. XML is important because it allows you to work on the app layout and designing of it. Besides that, The Complete Android N Developer Course will tell you more secrets to become a professional Android app developer.

Your life, your rule

From the first point that we mentioned here, it is clear that android development has a wide scope in the IT field. Well, if you are a person who know this skill, then you can definitely go to work in any of the multi-national company, as per your eligibility. However, there are people who do not want to go to office and enjoy working at home. These people could actually sit at their homes and can work as freelancers. Believe it or not, this field has become one of the fastest growing fields and you get projects easily.

So, these were all the reasons for which one should learn android app development. The whole matter still revolves around the fact that the person should be interested in it.

In a word

The Complete Android N Developer Course is right for anyone who wants to understand how to code Android apps and be an app developer. If you’ve been always looking to step into the coding world but don’t know how to get started, the best-selling and most successful online coding course will be a good right place to get started.

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