Cloud Password Storage vs Local Password Storage: Which is better?

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Everybody wants to keep their data and social accounts safe. Nowadays, there are so many social accounts and it is recommended to keep different passwords for each account. There are two ways to save your password. Cloud password storage and local password storage. Both of these processes save you from the hassle of remembering passwords. You only need to remember one password and that’s it. This password is for the vault which contains all the generated passwords for your account. So which is the best storage option for all your accounts? Let us compare these two.

Password Keys: In local storage, the password keys are given provided to the user only. Even if the cloud server gets hacked, the hacker won’t be able to access the accounts. The only way to access the account would be through the keys. There is a disadvantage to it though, the keys would be in a single device and it can’t be retrieved if the device is lost.

In cloud storage, the password manager syncs all your account with their central server. With this, the password can be checked and stored from any device which is logged in. A separate app is provided for cloud storage management and the app provides all the up to date database for you. However, the disadvantage in this process is the authority. You can’t do anything to safeguard your data and you rely upon the cloud storage management. The companies rely upon third-party servers to store your data, which can raise security concerns.

It does not mean that you should not use this process, instead check all the measure which the company is taking to secure your data. The encryption process of these cloud storage companies has become better over the years.

Both of these password storage processes is good. It depends upon the user’s belief on what to choose.

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