O’ahu island in Hawaii

O’ahu, also named as “The Gathering Place“, it the one of the most attractive and populous island in Hawaii, and has the primary and only intercontinental Honolulu International Airport. It is a place that will allow you to enjoy the modern luxuries and comforts of today, but also can help you to escape to the natural pleasure.

O’ahu is the third largest Island in Hawaii, and almost three-fourths of the state’s population reside on this island, the state capital – Honoluluit just locates in this place, and it is a place that also known as the most visited island that contains the magnificent mountain views, exciting surfing, and bustling nightlife.

Magnificent mountain views

O’ahu is made up of two major mountain ranges: Waianae range on the west, and Koolau range on the east, they run nearly parallel to each other on this island. Hundreds ridges extend from the spines, beautiful rippling rock faces, precipitous cliffs and many scattered smaller post-shield and also extinct volcanic outcroppings…, you will experience a special and natural sightseeing in this place.

Exciting surfing

Waikiki Beach in the O’ahu is one of the most popular and famous surfing place in the world, with the warm waters and balmy weather all year long, people have great chances taking a surfing lesson here, the forgiving and long waves will make you want to rid a ware on this coast, and if you are lucky encough, you will enjoy a wonderful and exciting show performed by many top surfers who come from all round the world.

Bustling nightlife

If you think that the various activities will come to the end with the day getting dark, you were totally wrong, because there are many other insteresting activities have started. Enoying different kinds of local food, live music, and dancing with other kindly people you don’t know in bars or lounges…, O’ahu is the central of nightlight in the Hawaii, and the vivid nightlife of O’ahu will let you always enjoy a good night in the island.

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