Local Password Storage: A Better Choice

Local Password Storage

Choosing the type of password storage varies from person to person. It all depends upon the personal belief of that person. It has been long argued which is a better password storage system. The local password storage is a better option for people who do not believe in Cloud Password Storage. On Cloud password storage, the user is fully dependent upon the service provider for the safety of its data. Continue reading “Local Password Storage: A Better Choice”

Cloud Password Storage vs Local Password Storage: Which is better?

password manager

Everybody wants to keep their data and social accounts safe. Nowadays, there are so many social accounts and it is recommended to keep different passwords for each account. There are two ways to save your password. Cloud password storage and local password storage. Continue reading “Cloud Password Storage vs Local Password Storage: Which is better?”

What is The Safest Way to Store Passwords?

Store Password

Looking for the best and most secure way to store your passwords? The technology is advancing day by day and it has definitely made our lives easy and comfortable. Along with a lot of advantages, technology brings us a lot of risks and disadvantages too. Continue reading “What is The Safest Way to Store Passwords?”