React Native Review

react native

Facebook has developed a new set of technology that could be used for web and mobile development. One of them is React Native. Below are a few of the points related to it.
Advantages of React Native

One of the most important things that a mobile app development framework should focus upon is the computer language used. If we talk about the computer language that is used in the react native framework, then it is a Java Script, which is considered as the fastest and one of the most popular programming languages. According to the survey conducted by annual stock Overflow, a majority of users use JavaScript for their programming and things related to that. Not just this language is popular, but it is easy to use and learn also.

The React Native framework has two basics, but important components. These two are native controls and native modules. With the help of these two native components that work that is done by React Native, improves. So, this is one of the greatest plus points for this framework.
Disadvantages of React native

As we all know that this framework is new. The community is young, so the documentation is poor. While working with react native, you will feel that the effect of poor documentation is felt during integration with additional tools.

Whenever an iOS or Android system updates their SDKs, React Native fails to match the competence in the particular device. So, this is high time now and the developers should really update a code library with this framework.

So, these are all the points that a beginner should know about React Native. It is actually a very good platform and one should definitely consider it if they want to do anything related to it.

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