What is Dart?

dart programming

It’s definitely something to think about that Google invested a hefty sum of money into Dart. Dart is the programming language Flutter depends on. You need to know Dart to be able to create applications effortlessly on the framework. The language has quite recently hit the markets with the latest version; Dart Version 2.0. Dart is said to be extremely easy to learn and easy to write as well, making it a competitor of some of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has already taken everyone by surprise because it makes it relatively easier to build large web apps and compile them in the matter of a few seconds.

Google is one of only a handful couple of organizations out there that are building enormous web applications such as the infamous Google docs and not to forget, Gmail; the service that the majority of individuals depend upon. Google has a ton of experience building applications and has attempted an assortment of strategies. It has addressed the fact that building vast, high-end web applications is daunting and very troublesome. In order to make it less demanding to construct huge web applications, Dart was introduced to address this problem. It provides a crisp look at building a language and provides a plethora of features to help teams of all sizes to build web applications effortlessly.

The web’s greatest rival today is the ascent of the native frameworks. On the off chance that the web is to stay feasible, developers must most likely learn to build more responsive applications which work even when disconnected, are engaging with a variety of graphics. Dart is a push in that direction to help in making development a lot easier. Rightly so, with the speed that it is gaining popularity, it is no surprise that it will take over the market soon enough.


What is Dart?

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