Why Chase Sapphire Preferred Should Be Your First Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred

While selecting a travel credit card for yourself, you will have to think a lot about it. It is a very difficult task to select one and reason behind this is that they limit you to certain offers and options only. However, if you select a good card then there are many benefits of having it. Among all the travel credit cards that are there, chase sapphire preferred is one of the best. Here are the reasons for which it should be your first card.

The very first thing that you need to keep in your mind is that if you select this card as your first card, then you get 60,000 points and the value of these points will be of 1,200 dollars. You are getting this money just for signing up for this and they say it is a very good deal.

There are a lot of redemption options with this card. This simply means that first you will get a lot of options to earn the points and then you get options to redeem these points. You can directly book your travel. This is a very nice way to redeem your points, but this is not valid for your booking in hotels. Another thing that you can do for the redemption of your points is that you can transfer your points to your chase 13 travel partners. These partners could be United, Hyatt and Marriot.

Along with the point redemption options you can also earn some travel benefits, while you are in another country. You can get your car rental insurance, no foreign transaction fee, trip delay insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

As mentioned already, selecting a travel credit card is not so easy, but one should always check the benefits that one can get from that card. This can help you in taking decision easily.

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