releases App Uninstaller 2023 for macOS users

Now Reading releases App Uninstaller 2023 for macOS users

App Uninstaller
App Uninstaller, the essential tool for macOS devices, releases the new version in June. The new version is built with a set of features to further improve the app removal workflow, optimize the core capability for thorough app removal, and introduce the machine-learning module to empower App Uninstaller intelligently understand the newly-installed apps, and allow you remove them completely whenever needed.

“We’ve tasked force to equip App Uninstaller with machine-learning capability, in a bid to enable App Uninstaller to find out the new apps as well as reducing staff resources needed to track the apps’ updates or new apps’ releases. This is really a step forward for us, a good release for our existing and new users,”said Alex Kim, Product Director.

App Uninstaller is a legit app removal solution, and has been proven to be effective to resolve the day-to-day issues like cleaning up clutters of junks, remnant of the removed app and fixing errors preventing you from installing, updating or upgrading apps. The new version has further improved the capability to effectively, accurately and completely remove the unwanted app, including update or upgrade versions.

You purchase App Uninstaller as it is and it’s yours forever. They promise that you will receive a stable product at the time of your purchase and you’ll continue to receive free updates and bug fixes for a lifetime. If there is an upgrade like this new version, you’ll be allowed to access this one as well without any charge. The premium support that you can request is a lifetime.​

“After nearly 10 years in the labs, we’ve created the most advanced app remover for macOS system yet. Now it’s in your hands. Plus, no monthly subscription is required, you only pay once. We want to support all of our users, either existing ones or new ones, through an uncertain time,”said Alex Kim.

App Uninstaller is a veteran toolkit with more than 10 years in the making. It is a legitimate essential utility for everyone to maintain their macOS devices on a daily basis.​

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