Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released and Other Tech News

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Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released and Other Tech News

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released

You may need to remove the unused or rarely used applications on your Mac computer and delete the useless remnants of related applications to free up disk space. But you’re using a 10-year-old Mac with so many applications and unknown digital clutter, and you don’t know how to delete them properly and safely. Fortunately, you can use Osx Uninstaller to do it all. It is capable of removing the apps and deleting the app remnants automatically and completely, and it is easy to run on any Mac, either old or newer specifications. The latest Osx Uninstaller 2024 has now been released, with an optimized app removal core and workflow, as well as a fresh interface. All existing users are eligible for a free upgrade. You can download this latest version from the OsxUninstaller.com website.

Qualcomm Confirms Snapdragon X Elite will Launch alongside New Versions of Windows
Qualcomm confirmed to investors during its Q1 2024 earnings call that its new processor, dubbed the Snapdragon X Elite, will be released in mid-2024, coinciding with the next version of Windows. Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said the new processor will be bundled with the next version of Windows, which will feature a number of Windows AI features. However, Qualcomm did not say whether the next version of Windows will be the rumored Windows 12.

Search Engine Yandex Dutch Parent Announces Sale of Russian Assets for 475 Billion Rubles

Yandex NV, the Dutch parent company of search engine Yandex, announced on February 5 that it has agreed to sell its Russian assets to a consortium of Russian investors for 475 billion rubles, Yandex NV said in a statement that the transaction will consist of at least 230 billion rubles in cash and about 176 million Yandex NV Class A shares, with the cash payment to be made outside Russia in offshore Chinese yuan. The cash payment will be made outside Russia in offshore renminbi, and after the completion of the transaction the Yandex brand will be discontinued and Yandex will be fully owned by Russia. Yandex NV will also retain four early-stage technology business assets in the cloud, data solutions, autonomous driving and education technology areas following the completion of the sale of the Russian business. It will also retain a data center in Finland, as well as the core intellectual property assets of 1,300 employees and a transitional license until 2024.

Google Gemini App to Expand to More Regions Worldwide

On February 8, Jack Krawczyk, leader of Google’s artificial intelligence program, said on social media that Gemini, the app version of the big language modeling service, will expand to other parts of the world, including Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. The app version of Gemini is currently only available to users in the U.S., and a premium Gemini Advance subscription is integrated into the Google One service. Gemini’s app version is currently only available to users in the U.S., and a premium Gemini Advance subscription has been integrated into Google One services.

Plex Launches Movie Rental Service

On February 7, streaming platform Plex launched a movie rental service. Users can rent movies on Plex for 30 days, and once the movie is turned on for the first time, they have 48 hours to finish watching it. Rentals start at $3.99 for older movies and $20.99 for recent releases, and Plex also offers a wide range of free movies and TV shows that require ads to be viewed on-demand. The service is currently only available in the U.S., and Plex has not said whether it will expand to other regions.

Disney Invests $1.5 billion in Epic Games

On February 8, Disney announced that it will invest $1.5 billion in gaming company Epic Games for a portion of its equity. In its press release, Disney said the partnership involves more than just finances, as the two companies will work together to create a new universe of gaming entertainment that further expands Disney’s popular stories and experiences. Disney has long used Epic’s Unreal Engine for film and television production and theme park projects such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Disney’s new gaming universe will also be built using the Unreal Engine. In the future Disney gaming universe, players will be able to “play, watch, and buy IP content, characters, and stories from Disney properties,” with more tie-ins coming to Fortnite.

Hulu Begins Crackdown on Account Password Sharing

Hulu has followed similar steps taken by Disney+ by announcing that it has begun to crack down on account and password sharing.Hulu sent out an email to subscribers on Wednesday informing them of an update to its subscription agreement that will go into effect on March 14th and explicitly prohibit the sharing of accounts outside of a user’s home. The move follows a similar plan by Disney+ last year to crack down on account sharing, an idea that Disney CEO Bob Iger floated during an earnings call last August, announcing that Disney would roll out a strategy against account sharing in 2024. Earlier, Netflix’s success in cracking down on password sharing led to a significant increase in its subscriber base, which further incentivized its competitors to take similar steps.

Microsoft Launches Microsoft 365 Suite for Apple Vision Pro

On February 2, 2024, Microsoft announced that it will launch the Microsoft 365 suite of apps for Apple Vision Pro, covering Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Loop, and Microsoft Teams, coinciding with the launch of Apple Vision Pro. Apple Vision Pro users will also be able to use the headset to experience an AI-powered version of Copilot, which supports voice-enabled creation of drafts, document summarization and PowerPoint presentations. Previously, Microsoft developed Microsoft Mesh exclusively for Meta’s Quest headset to provide Microsoft Teams with 3D and VR experiences, but Apple Vision Pro will not integrate Microsoft Mesh at this time, and Microsoft plans to bring Microsoft Mesh to Apple Vision Pro within the next year. Additionally, while companies like Microsoft and Disney support Apple Vision Pro, Netflix and YouTube will not be launching apps for it this week at this time, so users will have to watch videos through a web browser.

Other News

Reddit netizen Td3v1L spotted renders and hardware specs related to the Zenfone 11 Ultra in the latest firmware for the Asus ROG Phone 8. From what has been revealed, the design of the device is very similar to that of the ROG Phone 8, the hardware will feature a 6.78-inch screen with a maximum refresh rate of up to 144Hz for gaming, and the processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and 512GB UFS 4.0 storage.

After Nothing officially announced that the Nothing Phone (2a) will be released, a Reddit user posted live photos of an engineering model of the Nothing Phone (2a) with an anti-leakage protective cover, and then deleted the post. According to the leak, the Nothing Phone (2a) will feature a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, a Tenguet 7200 chip, and a continuation of the LED light design on the back.

Google plans to rename its AI chat assistant Bard to Gemini on Feb. 7, according to an advance changelog, aligning it with the Big Prophecy model used by the product, 9to5Google reports. Google will also enable an Advanced version powered by the Gemini Ultra model at that time and launch an Android app for it.

Microsoft has added a native sudo (run with administrator privileges) command as a developer option in recent preview versions of Windows Server, Windows Last has discovered. Users can also choose whether or not to pop up a new window or temporarily disable keyboard input when running commands via sudo.

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